Wednesday, June 15, 2016

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Having issues loading images onto here. Will hopefully have fixed soo.
thank you for your patience.
Moving Hell.

Pretty much moved into new house.  still have to go back to old one....pack things to storage and clean. Sadly, due to roomate issues, have not been able to go do this. Another story.

So after 2 months of cleaning a rather gross beautiful old characture home...... moved in 6 weeks ago. Yes, have continued cleaning and fixing. Still a lot to do. Some will be left for KinkArt to do when he returns in September, but I can still do things. Yes, I am tired and sore. But I plug on.

I'm starting work on the studio this week. I have done just an initial clean, but have to wash down and move things aside to make it into my play space. Sound proof, aquire furnature for it, and last minute details. It will all come together. I did have one of my clients come in last week for some foot worship, hense the initial clean.
My adorable dog and both cats are getting aline great! Phew. She's even making a ton of friends in her new hood.

Ants controlled. Still having issues with moths. Have traps all over, been through entire house. Thought I found the last nesting area, but it would seem I haven't. Will go through house again. Grrrrr. Must beat someone for this.

As for my tennant I brought in..... arg. Will write later. But, just interview a wonderful young lady that quite possibly is replacing older. Good vibes, feelings and thoughts. I'm optomistic this one is the right fit.

Well my work client just had to postpone our meet. Not sure whats up. Sooooooo. Going back to house to do more clearing, cleaning and moth killing.

Miss D