Saturday, May 21, 2011

Strange Dreams During Mooning.

I have so many things I want to post before this... but can't get this out of my mind this morning.
I don't know about any other womyn out there have this same issue.... but... When I start moonin, I sometimes have the strangest dreams. All good, but different.
Not sure what it all has to do with. It could be the extras hormones added in the mix, or maybe just because I am super horney right before and during the first day or so. But I've had some doosies, and well quite franky really goooood ones. And last night was no acception, and maybe further into this weekend or week cumming, I might actually post it. Will have to wait and see.

And as per a previous post a wee back.... Sex while mentruating..... I did some more research on this and the health benifits.... and will post that in the next few days as well.

OMG.... I can't believe why I wake up like this during the full moon serious. Some day I might have a hold on it, but for now.... go with the flow.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

i'm not perfect... i just try.

Munchin in Salem

Had a most delish time at the Salem Munch last night. It was so wonderful to see everyone again, and a few new. Great food at new venue, and wonderful lil back spot they have. I truly enjoyed the evenings hat topics, including the one on male genitalia torture..... went from simple to rat traps.... now that is a great idea!! Dont ya think. muahahahaha.

Now the rest of the week goes on.......
Next week I can't wait.

Lil D

Sunday, May 1, 2011

~ A Hard Afternoon Delight ~

Took place: Spring of  2011

~ A Hard Afternoon Delight ~

He told me He was going to make me cum hard and lots today........

i had just jumped out of the tub. Still in my robe, and just chatting with Sir about to go get dressed. "Why?" He said. "Don't get dressed, I'm going to make you cum hard today. Go get your toys while I finish up here, I won't be long." Off i went skipping to the thought of cumming for Sir; getting wetter by the minute as i set-up, not that i wasn't extremely wet already. Shortly after.... me waiting patiently as per.

When He was done with what He was doing... He told me to play with my pussy. i love being able to play with myself, especially when Sir watches. As He sits there in His chair guiding me along my way, all i can think is how wet i already was and He should feel this. Wishing He would.

i slide my fingers over my lips wetting them. Then i start to rub my clit nice and slow, feeling the warmth slowly build in me.

"That's right baby, just like that."

Moving slightly faster, now spreading my lips with my other hand. i draw my hand up to my mouth, licking and sucking my juices off each finger.

"Does that taste good baby?"

"Yes it does Does Sir, very much." Moving my hand back down and re-wetting my fingers.... Thrusting one finger then two, first slowly then faster.

"Yes, fuck that pussy for me!"

As i feel myself rocking on this pleasure, seeing Sir watch me, starting to warm me and get me more arroused by the second.

"That's right, keep fucking that pussy."

All i can feel is the orgasm starting to rise in me, but knowing to wait.

"Grab one of your toys hun."

i reach over and grab my glass dildo, the one with the blue swirled ridges on it. First i lick it, then suck it. Swirling my tongue around it, just as i would Sir's cock.

"That's it, suck My cock baby. Show Me how you suck My cock."

Stuffing it all the way down my throat and out again, i then ask "how deep do You want me to go?"

"To my balls baby, take it deep."

Glancing over i see Sir stroking His cock and balls, turning me on even more. So i keep taking the dildo down deep into my throat several times, wishing at that moment it was Sir's cock down my throat..... i take the dildo and slowly rub it over my pussy, getting it nice and wet. Feeling the head at my entrance i push it all the way, shudders coming over me. Pumping my pussy with my left hand, stroking my clit with my right.... this is bliss.

"Does that feel good?"

"Oh yes Sir!"

"Pump it faster, and don't stop."

i start to pump my cunt faster, feeling the orgasm getting closer... yet i can not ask, as Sir stepped out for a minute. OMG, i had to stop. my legs were shaking, my body vibrating, if i don't stop i will cumm. Please come back Sir, as i turn and lay on my side not moving and not taking the dildo out. Resting with my thoughts and desires, all this not helping. Finally i hear Sir come back and sit down, i roll over seeing Him... i start to pump and play with myself again. Feeling the rush come back to me, and certain to burst.

"Cum for me baby, cum for Daddy."

That's all it took, those few words and the waves took over.

"That's it cum for me."

The heat the waves, rocking me, feeling oh so good. i turn on to my side riding out the orgasm, shuddering.

"No no, spread your legs hun."

As i roll over onto my back, spreading my legs again for Him, i see a wicked smile on His face. Nummy!

"Did that feel good?"

"Yes Sir it did, very nummy."

"Good, now stroke your cunt for me. take the dildo all the way out to the tip, slowly push it back in. That;s right, just like that."

i can feel my pussy throbbing, my clit is nice and swollen as i push and pull my dildo in and out.. cum dripping down my ass.

"Now thrust it really hard into your cunt."

As i do i moan from the pleasure, imagining His cock thrusting in me, fucking me hard.

"Nice and hard, and faster. Yes, feel good baby?
"Oh my yes Sir, very good." i can hear His moans, knowing He is going to cum soon, feeling myself reach the edge one more time.

"Lift your knees up to your chest, I want to see your ass. Wouldn't you like me to fuck your ass while your fuck yourself with your toy?"

"Omg yes Sir, please....?" Knowing full well that He wasn't going to lay a hand on me then, but my thoughts getting the better of me almost pushing me over the edge. Thoughts of His hands on my body, His lips and tongue caressing me, His cock thrusting deep into me. Pumping myself, feeling the heat waves coming on.

"Oh yes I'm going to fuck you, fuck you hard.......oh gawd ya."

i can hear the strain in His voice as He;s about to cum, and i start to vibrate. i love hearing Sir cum, and here i am again before Him about to cum for Him as well. "OMG Sir, please may i....." Barely getting even those words out as i can hear Him cumming.

"Yes baby, cum for Daddy. Cum now, that's it."

The waves of shudders, the heat the throbbing, flooding me. i came and came hard. Rolling over pulling my knees up into my chest, unable to stop. i hear Sir as He is cumming, and how it makes Him feel.

"Mhm, that's my good girl."

i haven't cum that hard and good in a long time, and oh did it feel great. i love cumming for Sir, i love how it pleases Him.

As i roll onto my stomache just riding out this wonderful feeling.....

"Did that feel good hun?"

"Oh yes Sir, very much so...... errotocomatoselucidity."

He laughs that satisfied laugh, knowing He's grinning.... Mhm.

He made me cum hard alright.

lil d