Wednesday, February 8, 2017

So here I sit. Having spent what feels like forever trying to get blog onto new computer. Frustrating. And now need to beat something to rid frustrations. Soon...... so very soon.
In the last year... I've moved into a house. Dealt with poor tenants. Snapped cartilage in my foot, and tore tendons... Still limping on that, but it is healing. Slowly. Stopped me from picking up a flogger for a couple of weeks, but I am back at it full force.  Even made a dungeon/art studio. And so much more. I've been busy. 
Thought I would get in here and get something written down before I feed the critter {my dog and the 2 cats}. then off to go interview perspective tenants. It's raining like there is no tomorrow, missing the sun. So is my dog. But spring will soon be here.
Catch you later. will have more pics and info to post very soon.

Miss D.