Sunday, October 17, 2010

Tomorrow's Walk To Remember

I’ve been home almost a week now…. Just a few hours away. I have rested a ton, played with birdie, seen doc, sung with birdie, gotta go back to doc, fed birdie tons of birdie bribing foodies, got papers together so package is almost ready to go to lawyer, chatted my head with birdie, and then spent a couple hours on phone with family members last night - to which drained me enough to not have the energy to go to a wicked Hollow’s Eve Kink Party at Rascals. Grrrrrrrrr. And sat here and found ever squeal know to parrots everywhere with birdie (he likes loons). Next please. I don’t think I want to be where these family members are putting me, I am not wanting to be that person…. At least not right now.

So while I waited an extra few days for paperwork down south I missed so much. I missed the wedding of the year that I should have been at, their like family to me. Must make that one up some how, not sure yet. Kinda missed turkey day dinner, and no one saved me any…. Now I’m hurt…. But considering they just had the wedding a couple days before, understandable. I still want my turkey while I’m in town, and I will get it. I have a good way of pouting, and it just might work. Either that or I will cry on the train back down south next month, and never eat turkey again. *grin*. Oh, no the paperwork was not worth it. No I didn’t get into what I needed, and now have at ton more work to do. ARG!!!!

This is going to make a most excellent book when I am done. Not sure if to make it like a novel, or a manual. Right now, soap novel sounds good. But the manual is excellent, as it is going to help others one day on what not to do…. And how to get around corners when there seems no way through.

And as I type this… I finally have birdie on the one finger wag…. Of shut up or I’m going to stick you in the corner finger wag. It works, but don’t tell him that.

There is so much to talk about…. So much I haven’t put in here in soooo long, and yet I am not typing away about it all. Not sure why; I think it is more due to not having the energy, and also knowing that once I get started my fone is going to ring yet again with another family member wondering when gram’s service is going to be. When all I want to be doing is out walking, breathing in clean air (ya I know that second part is hard to find here). Or better yet, I think Timmy Ho’s is on the menu this week….. Haven’t been in so long. Miss my Timmys.

Tomorrow’s another day. Always another list to go off of, another fone call to make, argument to have, demand to send off (but likely know that it won’t happen), and another walk to remember. Yes, tomorrow’s walk…. That I am looking forward to.

Here is something that I think made my night... such a cutie she is, such a good girl!!!!
Yes!! Got to love it when they listen.... Open  your shirt, and bare it! Now dodn't say a word while I write in sharpie on your chest. *grins*

Yes there is fun at those Salem Munches. shhhhh.

From Oct 13th..... Copy Paste... new posting to follow later today.

Oct 13, 2010

I’ve sometimes looked at things from several different points of view. I am the type of person to have a multi colored mind, always have and always will. I love seeing life with a varied spectrum, as you never know what may come up next. Just around the corner might be something you never thought about, or maybe something you might have thought…….but didn’t think strongly enough to put it into motion. So along comes something that changes your life, and it makes you look at everything around you just slightly in a different spectrum. Maybe even one you never noticed before, a new hue that was never even thought of. So what do you do with that? Well that all depends on the hue I guess, and how much that color affects you. Is it strong enough to attract you like a moth to the flame, or just maybe enough to be that right orca that goes with the flow. Not only will time tell, but so will the tides.

I am now trying to look at all this tribulation that has been going on in my life this past year as a lesson. Though it isn’t just a lesson, I think it is also a path or two that has been offered up as well. Not to even to imagine that I would deviate from my original plans of new degrees, and re-certifying afterwards as well. But just where I may go from there, and what I might do in between. A lot has happened, and that has changed me in ways I didn’t think anything ever would. It has put perspective where I thought I was already solid, and unsteadied some areas and made me think more where I think I knew what was what.

In my travels I have met some absolutely wonderful people (in many years, not just this one.. Which is eye opening by far). I have had some great support from those I already know, and I don’t think I could thank them enough for it. But I have also received support from people who are complete strangers to me, who in all rights didn’t have any vested interest in me or anything I am doing. Well, maybe one, but what can I say about a mortician and his boss. Tons!!!! One who will bring paperwork to me so I don’t have to come down to their office, who will help me pull weeds that are over two years rooted in the garden, who will give me a ride when I am stuck and he is available…. And his boss who offers his service up as well, or anything that they at all can do for me. Yes, they took care of dad. Yes, The owner’s dad used to be the original owner of my grams home………6 degrees of separation or less. Then grams bought it from him when gramps passed, and here I am today…… wow.

I am also thinking about this wonderful woman I have met as well. She makes me smile just thinking about her, and having date night with her can even mean missing out on the movie we want to see….but let’s go to a couple pubs, then hit the local biker bar (the only one left in town) to which isn’t much of a biker bar any more…… ummm, I was the biker in the bar, and that was sad. New owner, and after hearing what she wanted to do with it…. Ya, I don’t think I will be running back to break the rule of “No patches, no exceptions.” But to go see the tar benders again, ya sure. But I digress.

I have had an absolutely divine time playing with this woman. Not only is she gun to beat, play with, tickle, spank, whip clips off her tits and such…. But also make cum. Yup, and that I loved. I can’t wait to spend time with her, or even just chat with her on the phone. Going to truly miss her and others back there while I’m back home, kind of different really. We‘ve set out our own paths, and what we want and don‘t want; not sure what the future brings, and where we may end up… but for now we are enjoying each other’s company. That is good enough for me right now, and of course if I can beat her till she is all sorts of pretty colors…. Yes! She makes wonderful noises, and excellent reactions, and I love the energy I feel from her….. Yup. I am happy to call her a friend, and that is what I want to keep around and never change.

So I get back into Vancouver after a particularly long train ride. Alright, maybe not so much long as it was annoying for the first half of it. Don’t get me wrong I love kids, but please quit feeding your not quite 2 yr old sugar when they are screaming and crying. Especially after you took someone else’s seat, two peoples actually. And was very rude about it as well. Not a happy relaxing ride as per usual, but the last bit was wonderful. Got in a bit of reading, and just listened to some great blues. Chatted with this wonderful lady, whom I will fill that sad story in on another time…. And ya,…. It was the train, as I usually like it. I had stayed up all night the night before due to my poor sleep schedule, and had to be someone way too early in the morning prior to the trip. Did my morning, got on the train… and railed on home…..

Then got to finally see birdie, who I have dearly missed. Poor lil guy, how I have missed our chats. Yup as I thought, he missed me huge for about 5 min, hated me for a couple days, then all was peachy again after that. Bribe him again, and he loves me. That’s birdie, such a kewl dude. I will get him dancing on film this time, you can count on that one. Hehehehehe.

Well…… I should hit the sack soon. Probably post this in the am. A lil too tired now to pull everything up now, make sure it all lines up… maybe check spelling.. Maybe not, just to be a rebel. Add a pic of my trip up, and presco!!!!

Oh….. Hallows Eve….. I am actually some where for that I think, and not a friggen clue what to wear. Any ideas?????