Thursday, August 28, 2008

slaves Say The Darndest Things

This is a lil something that i found in my book of goodies. So dusted it off, and thought i would share it with someone, and that is all of Yyou. This list has been passed around from sub/slave to sub/slave for several years now, and i am sure it is still going strong.... or at least i hope so. Please don't blame me for this list, blame the subby who sent it to me - the one who had such great influence in me coming out of my lil shell and  being a lil more ........ silly (that's a good word).
Wwe all should take time out to have a giggle now and then. Isn't it all about having some fun once and a while, because Wwe enjoy what Wwe are and do.

Slaves Say the Darndest Things:

1. Doesn't my opinion count for anything Sir?
2. But what if i don't want to?
3. That's gonna really hurt, isn't it?
4. Hey Sir, When do i get a day off?
5. You don't expect me to clean that up do you?
6. Is it ok if i invite my family for dinner?
7. Has anyone ever told You that you can be a real Prick sometimes?
8. Uh Oh, i shouldn't have said that should i have?
9. Sir i can't wear a gag, how am i supposed to answer the phone?
10. Naked!! Do you realize how cold it is?
11. You want to pierce my WHAT?!?!?
12. i'm glad this isn't my real job because the pay really sucks...
13. Not tonight Sir, i have a headache.. Ow!..Ow! . never mind,  i was just kidding.
14. WOW, You can go from 0 to Bastard in less than 2.6 seconds.
15. You want it when? In what way??
16. Do You mind if i finish my cigarette first?
17. But Sir, i DID put it on my to do list...
18. But Master ... that is just gross.
19. You wouldn't look so mean if You would smile on occasion, ya know???
20. Do you mind .. i haven't had my coffee yet?
21. Honestly ... it takes me two hours to wake up in the morning.
22. Clean out the litter box??? but it's Your stupid cat...
23. But my nails aren't dry yet.
24. i didn't say i deserved it, i said i wanted it.
25. Who died and made You Master. Oh chit ...
26. Sure i COULD cook but going out for dinner would be so much faster.
27. You know i noticed that some of the other Master's have bigger whips than You do.
28. But Master, of course You want me in designer clothes, remember i DO represent You.
29. Honest!!! Decaf IS a hard limit ..
30. Master, But that's so icky ...
31. If i wanted to eat healthy, i would be following my doctors orders ... ah never mind.
32. But You could do it so much better and faster than me, Sir...
33. If Your going to criticize how i do it, why don't You just do it Yourself?
34. Sure i could do it Your way, but my way is so much easier.
35. Sir, Have i ever told you that You're the reason God made Prozac?
36. Sure Your opinions count Master, but You know what they say about opinions.
37. But why can't i choose both, it would make things so much easier?
38. But i don't want to make a decision. That's why You're the Master, remember????
39. But that is not how they do it on the Internet.
40. You are definitely no Martha Stewart.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Tri-City Brunch - Aug. 31st.... Sunday!!!!!!!

i see a Tri-City Brunch in the future...................
Greetings Fellow Kingsters & Munchers/Brunchies,
Here i sit sending out those lil reminders to hopefully remind Ppeeps of the Brunch that is about to cum apon Uus.
Yes there is a Brunch this cumming Sunday!
 So get out those posties!!! Put them on your mirrors,foreheads of subbies, and staple them to some bumms. If some are up forit.... tattoo it to a body part, i just might.

This is an event that will happen on a monthly basis, i hope i will only have to do this for a lil while. But Y/you know me, i will probably keep this up just because.... keep you all in the know. And make sure that everyone knows that it is being held on the Last Sunday of each month. So please pass on the word for those who may not know.
Yes, the regular 5th Wednesday of the month is still ago. There will always be the Wednesday nite Tri-City Munch nite as per usual, and at the same venue as the Brunch. And the same times as the other regular Munches - 6:30 - 9:30pm or so. 
Here is the information for the Tri-City Brunch:
There is a huge spread of food for pretty munch everyone's tastes out there. From Dim Sum to Poached Eggs, Waffles with Whipped Cream, and i do believe there is even some meat for the side and baccon and sasauge. There is several salads, and fresh veggies for the munchies. And if you are looking for desserts, from 10 or so different kinds of cheese cakes to peacan pie and cocoa mouse. In other words, more dessert than one can handle. Pluss fruit as as well, to balance this all out. Pure Nummmyness.
i will have pics soon for E/everyone to see. But there are a few people out there from the last few brunches that can attest to the wonderful food there is to offer. It is worth the cost. And you can order from the menue after 12:30 pm. if the buffet is not for you.

Tri-City Sunday Brunch !
Sunday, Aug. 31, 2008
11:30am - 1:30pm (or so)
John B Pub
1000 Austin Ave. (@ Blue Mountain)
Coquitlam, BC.
***Again pls try to inform/email me so i can reserve tables for Us all.

Please email me here or @
 < >
Hope to see Y/you there. Have a great week and weekend Kinsters.
lil d

*PS -

The Next Tr-City Munch is:

Wed. Oct. 29th, 2008




As long as it is free to dump carbon dioxide into the atm

people are going to keep doing it.


what does it take to change the essence of man? 


live like you were dancing,

and that today is the only day to dance.


You, yourself, as much as anybody else in the entire

universe deserve your love and affection.


Life As It Truly Is


This was sent to me from a friend. Well i just had to share it with someone, and that is Yyou. lol. Ride on peeps.

Now that food has replaced sex in my life, I can't even get into my own pants.



Marriage changes passion. 
Suddenly you're in bed with a relative.


I saw a woman wearing a sweat shirt with 'Guess' on it. 
So I said 'Implants?' She hit me.


How come we choose from just two people to run for president and over fifty for Miss America?


I signed up for an exercise class and was told to wear loose-fitting clothing. If I HAD any loose-fitting clothing, I wouldn't have signed up in the first place!


When I was young we used to go 'skinny dipping,' now I just 'chunky dunk.'


Don't argue with an idiot; people watching may not be able to tell the difference.


Wouldn't it be nice if whenever we messed up our life we could simply press 'Ctrl Alt Delete' and start all over? AMEN, AMEN !!


Why is it that our children can't read a Bible in school, but they can in prison?


Wouldn't you know it... 
Brain cells come and brain cells go, but FAT cells live forever.


Why do I have to swear on the Bible in court when the Ten Commandments cannot be displayed outside?


Bumper sticker of the year: 
'If you can read this, thank a teacher -and, since it's in English, thank a soldier'






Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Unique Whips

Grrr on channels....

So just having basic cable usually is jut fine. You get some great lil channels, and you get your internet. Yipeeee! Well when i see a particular show that plays all the time and i want to watch it...... it makes me wonder if it is worth it to go to the higher channels.
On channel 48 is this wonderful looking show called Unique Whips. Now it isn't all about Whips, but just the name is worth wanting to float over there and drool. They have all different events on this show, even some sporty events. Yes, sporty. And it is usually with someone famous of a sporting or musical nature that is within the story line, but worth the watch.
There are other shows of course that are missing from regular channels within the worth watching pages. Even those that are slightly on the pervy side, not of which come on Friday night. Sorry for those who enjoy the G-rated porno's, but if i am going to watch a porno i want to see it all and in good hard core action. Yes they are great for the grannies out there, i do give them that. Woo hoo! i think i'll go and watch Quills now, just for the thoughts. Kinding, but if Aanyone wants to borrow it, i have a couple copies. :D

i would love to see a show strictly on Oour oh so nummy whips. If there is Someone out there that is more than willing and has the handle on whip throwing, please pic me..... i will make that show. i certainly could offer myself up for the 'stunt bottom' for that, not sure how long it would take You to pry me off the door to get me in the room though......*wink wink*.i don't think there has been a local movie made since the Alternative Loving one. i know i not the only one who would love to see one, get some of Oour local diversity out there for the masses to see. Wwe have some nummy looking pervs, and i would buy a video of many of them in their kinky ways. 
Back to the show........ i lead off the main thought for a few.... ...wishing i had that channel............

Monday, August 25, 2008

M.J.S.'s Day

Today is Mike's day.
i can't believe that 7 years has gone by already. Some times it seems like it has been so long ago, then when one sits and ponders it was just a short time ago i was just sitting there having dinner with him and the kids. Such a beautiful man on the inside and out, and a aboriginal spirit and heart that reach far beyond the stars. Nothing could ever reach him i always thought, nothing could ever match. i was wrong, i can admit that now. Someone did, but that is another story......... hopefully played out in a happier way.
i know the brothers and boys went for a ride today. They do every year, no one has missed it. It was the perfect day for it; not too hot and not too cold. The rain stayed away for it, and it just seemed the right day for it. i know full well every year why i don't go, just as it took Rick till the last to call me 7 years ago today. It seems still that everyone walks on eggshells around me sometimes when it comes to this subject, and i don't know why. It is not as if i am dwelling in a desponded state, i live my life..... to the fullest with flair and moxie. Though i guess many people in the nilla world know of most of my life, as they don't see how i have flourished beyond this day. A small number do know, but not enough to make that variant outlook on my life to other's eyes. i have seen many a bro off to Summerland, far too many in my books. Some hurt more than others, and some never leave your mind ever a day.
So i sit here as i am trying to finnish a bit of work in a group i am part owner of pondering over the past and present. Thinking how bizarre it would be for me now if events had been different, and Mike hadn't had that accident with his bike. He was conscious of my perfectly pervy being; and though we didn't talk about it much, i knew in a small way that he was welcoming of it. He allowed me to fly and be free as i whom i was, and we shared a few special privacies together that our close friends had no clue of. How far he would go with me is another tale, and one that i still wonder over today. i don't think he would have held me back, i am sure he would have let me play per say with whom i had special relations with.... within reason of course, and with stipulations. He was just that type of man, very free spirited and open. 

i can see him now riding his bike in the clouds with a huge smile on his face. Knowing he is happy, and knowing that he is still watching over us and hugging us from afar. As i sit here with a smile on my face thinking about all the great and wonderful times we all had together, i can think of many perfect words to say. But the ones that come to mind the best would probably be: gregarious, kind and loving, dependable and secure.
Your missed by many dude. No i still haven't changed the battery in your pocket watch, and yes i will take michelle out for drinks on her 19th. Sushi all the way at the fav spot, i'll meet you at the pub after work. Ride Free. lovi.

Friday, August 22, 2008

"Free Bird"

Training begins with a wild bird on a tether.

You teach it to fly, controlled,in a very confined area. You reward obedience with affection, and kindness, and an occasional treat. As the bird responds, the tether gets longer, the area of freedom expands, but remains under control. As trust and loyalty grows, so does the tether, and eventually, it is no longer neccessary. Replacing the tether is the voice command; strong, sure, and unyielding. When the response is positive, the voice softens, becomes pleasing. The bird responds.

Even the best trainer,with the best falcon, takes a shallow breath as the
unfettered bird leaves his gloved arm, wondering as it flies away if it's in
it's mind to return. You feel it *every time. Sometimes, it's only a passing
thought, relatively sure you've done your job well, and have your bird's
loyalty, and confidence.
The bird goes thru it's paces, as instructed, as planned. You think that you've provided an atmosphere that will make the creature WANT to return, even if it doesn't have to. You've conditioned it, thru love, and caring, that being on your arm is a better place to be than free, and defenseless, and on it's own. You think all this for just a moment, and you breathe again.
Then, just once in awhile, the creature doesnt make the turn. It has traveled
just a little farther, a little faster than usual. You wonder if it has decided
that the lure of the unknown, the things not yet experienced, the call of the
wild, may be just a bit stronger than your training, and it's loyalty. You see
it looking towards the mountain, flying towards it, mesmerized by it. You know
you can use your call, a verbal signal that would break the animal's
concentration, train of thought. The sound would illicit an immediate response,
you know, as it has so many times before.
But this time, this one time, you see something different in the way the bird is flying. Stronger, straighter, with a purpose. Is it merely stretching it's wings, exploring it's boundaries, curious as to the world it is in? Or has it decided to explore a new world, an untethered one. You could call.... but you don't. You decide, in that instant, to allow the creature it's freedom, it's choice. Somehow, you know it needs to make it, it needs to know for itself where it belongs. So you hold your voice, and your breath, and your heart, and you wait. And suddenly... it turns. It's flight back to you is straighter, faster than usual. And you breath again, and feel pride, for this mighty creature is here because it wants to be, not because it was trained to be.

There is always a lesson

Lessons learned.....
i certainly learned a few things about myself this past month or so. There is a lot to be learned when going through life's roller coaster of a ride, and one thing that one must always do is hang on. Some of us tend to let go from time to time, and it becomes a detriment to Tthem/Oourselves. But Wwe can also take the whole assume phrase into account from time to time as well, but in what context do Wwe use it for. How are do Yyou hold on, and what does one hold on to? If lost in a sea of fog and uneasiness, one can not see what there is to hand on to. but if it may be the opposite, and there is a slight superciliousness. They might not even see what is being lost to hang on to. And how does one see the other's visuals happenings without the knowledge on how to do so, or even a small verbal confirmation of events or beings. If the communication isn't there, and even if it is lost, then there are broken paths taken by anyone who or what this may affect.
In the wonderful pervy world one lives in there is purgatory to live with if there is slight of hand, action or voice. But it is not always followed by the best examples, or even followed at all for that matter. It may be forgotten as time goes on, and with how one lives through the years and have given up by having been thee far too long and not looking back. i have learned myself to take a step back and ponder everything over now and then, but this has been going on for longer than just this last month or so.... this has gone on for a few years now. But what has transpired of late has given me an open eye to what i have to remember for the future if i choose to continue on my path as it has been, and know that i can not control everything that has to do with myself only..... especially when it is me who is left to be in control. There is not always going to be that cushion to brace me when i fall, sometimes one has to learn to deal with what is at hand and wait till something comes within reach or voice. No matter how insane it may feel or seem, brace for it to become far longer and deeper at times. It may not be over, and it can and probably will go into something where one has never been before..... with out that magical carpet beneath Yyou to carry Yyou to that safe place one needs to be. And even if it one can't receive the comfort that Tthey may need to help the healing through something, and there maybe some lingering effects to carry on for a longer time than what is considered normal..... breath. It doesn't feel right, it may feel like one has been invaded by a foreign object or other, but there is always hope that it will eventually subside. Keeping one's mind busy and doing things that keep Yyou going, is a great way to ease any issue that may have transpired. Not always, but it is a good start.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

What was that about my profile......

Now i am wondering if people out there truly read kink profiles thoroughly. Now i do realize that there are a few out there that actually do, as i have received some wonderfully delightful comments on my profile in CM. Some of them even put a lil smile on my face, even to make me laugh a bit. And what makes me more than perk up is that They actually understand what i am trying to say, and put out there. This is a rare thing for some people, as not all understand exactly what is in those words…… reading between the lines as some would put it.

What i am getting at now is what is in almost bold face that Yyou can not miss and still ignore. When a lil one like me states that they are “not seeking a Dom at this time,” what does that imply to anyone out there in this kink world. Does that not mean that i do not need someone coming up to me and telling me that They would make a great Dom for me, does that mean that a Dom sending me His credentials is not a good thing, or does that mean maybe there is something going on in my life that warrants the fact that i do not want any more Doms hitting on me. Maybe, just maybe, it might have a sign in neon lights saying – oh wait please hit on me and tell me what You think You can do for me, what i can do for You, that Wwe have similar interests and kinks, and what i need in You and want in me………….; NOT.

Now don’t get me wrong thinking that the attention sometimes isn’t pleasant. But a positive comment goes further than a hit-on, and in my books that means more to me than You thinking that You can poor the sugar on with what Wwe can do for each other. Friends mean more to me than any thing else in the world (not above my relationship i have going of course, as that is my life, partnership and friendship tied into one), and if i can’t trust someone to be my friend instead of trying to get in my pants thoughts in Their head…. then They aren’t worth the beans on the shelf They might have been born off of. It is quite obvious to me that They are not reading what i am typing, or what my requests or needs are at this time. And sadly, not respecting my boundaries or possibly anyone i may be with. i shouldn’t have to post it in neon lights what is going on in my personal life to fend off any one person that may want to hook up with me, nor should i have to keep typing those replies back to Them saying “sorry, but i am not seeking a New Dom now.” Though i do this with the most respect and pleasantries, but it does get a lil tedious.

So for all those Doms out there that might think You are doing us lil ones a favor by seeking us out and thinking You are the one for us…….. read our profiles in full, and make sure that You are doing us a good service by emailing us and not insulting or tracking on shaking ground. Yes say yes and compliment our profiles and maybe even our pics if You like, but leave it at that. Let us come to You if we feel that we have more to add to the situation, or if maybe we actually might be seeking something in our lives…… and our situation has changed. Thank You.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Was i in a spreader bar, or was it the swim?

Today i am thinking that i swam about 50 odd too many lanes than i should have.
my thighs feel like they have been in a spreader bar for at least 4 hours with no break, and probably slung up in the air. And my left shoulder ( a lil bit of the right) chained in the air for a few hours itself, with no break as well.
Now not that i am complaining of the thought of being in such a position. As for a person such as me, this would put a most perfect smile on my face for the most part. Due to the fact that if i was put in such a situation, it would normally come with some perfectly pervy events to go with it. But since it involved nothing of the sort, i am thinking i need to change that. lol. So i am now thinking maybe two hours of lane work might just be a lil too much, or maybe i should take a break and do something else. hmmmmm.

Though now i have to go to bed with the thought of spreader bars and being in chains. *sigh* If only i was........... just tonight.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

That Great Ride

From alt today.....

i didn't get any bugs in my teeth. But did i ever have a most wonderful ride, and didn't get wet either. It seemed like the weather knew exactly what was up; Wwe left right when it stopped raining, and it started up again just when i was dropped back off at home. Puuuurrrrrrrrrfect. It took me to a nice lil zone place for a lil while, though not long enough, and put a lil smile back on my face for a day. And no, i did not break out the Ben Wa's for those who were wondering. Not the person i would do that with, just a friend and only that. i would have to explain what i would have to do if one fell out for something, omg, what horror that would be going for lunch early:-/. Too bad my friend had to go home the next day; but from what i hear, when He went to SinCity, He had a great time pervin the S&M's. lol. Now that the rain has fallen nice and early at 7- about 8:30 am this morn. And it is starting again this eve, as i have heard a lil thunder already. i am looking forward to some cooler weather, and then hopefully getting out in the garden and enjoying the outdoors again. Go for a lil bike ride. Wish SRV was still here, needed him on my hike the other day.... he would have enjoyed that. *sigh* Though with how i am feeling these days, i am missing a few things. Not myself, or just not right around me. Can't quite figure it out. Maybe it's the static in the air. Hope Eeveryone had a most perfectly pervy weekend. And has a wonderful week. BB

Wwe all can have a bike ride, And Wwe all can make mistakes.

my bike ride last Saturday was exactly what this lil one needed to be and zone out. Though it only put me back up to where i needed to be, though only for a short while. It was extremely nice of my friend to come to town to take me out on the His bike, start of the Harley and go for a spin, then head back on Sunday. Though now i could go for another ride, wonder who i could get to take me out for one. lol. There is always the Show & Shine tomorrow, at least i could go and check that out.


It has been fairly hot these last few days here especially up on the hill here. So i have been taking the doc’s advice and trying to stay out of the heat and sun, and just relax and try to feel better. Though i did find out that i had a Flare-up just over 3 weeks ago to add to a couple other things going on in my body, to which added to a not so good situation. Not only did this make a bit of trouble with my body, it not only made a mess with my life it changed it in not a good way. Though from what the immune dude said some of it could have been avoided, or at least not as severe, if it could have been dealt with in a better manner when it was needed. i over did it a bit with the holidays and a most delicious heavy nummy afterwards, then a weekend of Rascals and the Folk Fest, and of course way too much sun and fun without taking much of a break that was needed. Staying in a place without getting out of it when i should have, and my body wore out… hence everything just hit me all at once. Only if i had recognized the Flare things might have been different; though i wish the one person that could have helped me through some of this as well was there for me as well when it was needed.


Now there is me not going to things this week. No one will see me at Rascals tonight, which means i am missing out on a few things that i was looking forward to…. no biggy i guess, as i am more important. There is always next month if i am available, and don’t have something going on ( and i don’t think that i have that care job during that weekend ). i also didn’t attend the Fraser Valley (Surrey to some) Munch this past week, i really needed my rest this week and had that appointment the next day. Not only did i not want to look more tired then i was, but i didn’t want to be any more tired than i was. lol. And then there is tomorrow…. no baby shower. That would definitely would tire this lil one out, something that is left off the list for a lil while. Next.


Next week i certainly have to get on my mentoring of f.b.. he needs to get trained up soon, and then on to servicing of Someone asap. This way i can hand him off to a Domme that not only I know and trust, but suites him very well. Though first off he needs to work off his purgatory list for his indiscretions, then we have to go over the lil fet list of his. There are a few of his answers of his that i and wondering about, they just don’t make sence. Am i ever glad that i am not a Domme, this certainly is not me. Not only can i not train in that manner, but it just isn’t me. i certainly prefer to be me here where i am, a slave/sub/masochist. It is not that it is easier, it is just me. Now i am not saying or denying that i haven’t flogged or cropped the odd sis or bro, but that is for the special occasion and for good reasons only. “one for you, two for me”. Shhhh. And yes, i do know what i am doing when i do Top. i am not one of those fumbling li idiots that just picks of a flogger without any knowledge of what they are doing and starts to fling away, i have had training in all matters of Topping. And if one pays attention enough for the rest, yes you can pick up a thing or two along the way. And sadly, i do make a rather extreme Sadist for a bottom, not sure where that comes from. But as i had in a conversation on the phone earlier today on the phone with a bottom friend of mine (someone i have mentored for years), anyone can pick up a flogger and call themselves a Dom. It is the skill and the attitude that makes who They are, then you add the experience to it. Just because they hung out with a Dom for a couple of months doesn’t make them a Dom; not only does it have to be inside Them, but They have to want to take the time to learn Their skill and have the right attitude before taking any implements on someone and not hurt them in the wrong way.


So now that i have tried to type this out for the second time and hope it works……. i will have many thoughts going on in my head. Off to the shower this lil one will go, and she always likes to be soapy clean before going to bed. Though in my thoughts i will have my own indiscretions of 3 weeks ago going on in my mind, and how it could have gone differently. Yes, some of it was in a lil way my fault. i should have recognized what was going on in my body sooner, and maybe not have gone on with myself the way i did. Been so careless thinking everything was going so well due to how my legs were looking so great and all, and that i could have gotten away with all that sun and all. And i should have recognized a lot sooner that i was going through that other “thing” that we lil ones go through the odd time now and then, though hopefully not so hard and fast. And i should have taken the initiative to say something, instead of just saying i needed to talk. But Wwe all make mistakes from time to time, it is what Wwe do afterwards that make Uus who Wwe are. It doesn’t always work in Oour favor, but at least Wwe tried. Life is a funny thing sometimes.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Stupid internet shit

You want to know what i really hate....

When i sit here and type out something really good here, and it doesn't post it. Sadly i didn't make a copy of it, so it is gone. And now i have to think of the whole friggen post, and i really don't want to now.
Phuck puters and online.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Where Do Loyalties Lie

So recently myself and a couple of other people... hopefully no others, have learned that Wwe can not post about events that are happening in Oour fare cities and communities on Of course unless it is in Oour 'Friends list messege board', which would mean Wwe would have to have anyone that Wwe would want to inform of such events on Oour lists.
Now not only has this apparently been in their rules and regulations for a while.... which i never have seen, but Wwe can get booted for doing so. Doesn't matter what Wwe are posting about, as long as it is about anything to do with an event of any kind - including a java event to which Wwe meet up somewhere. Now there are quite a few peeps on there throughout this lil site that post on various such things, and i am sure 'they' (alt page hunters) have a fun time going through all these postings trying to find all who are posting different event calenders. But what i find rather redundant, when Wwe really aren't doing any harm if Wwe are posting this in Oour own community groups. It is being monitered over by the people who started the groups, and it's not as if Wwe are specifically soliciting for anything other than a dinner or coffee.
Now this isn't the worst part of it all. After my lil converstation with the lady on the other end of the phone a week or so back, not sure now as i would actually have to boo at my emails for that one. It got me to thinking about a few things, not just what a certain someone posted in one group after i informed her about the rules and to be careful. i actually advertise for this site in my main blog, and alt knows this. As it shows up on that particular email address, as well it would show up in codus. i also received an email after all the phone call and emailing back saying i wouldn't do so again saying that if i did anything against their rules, i would be permanently booted off. my mulla wouldn't be returned, and i would not be alowed back on. So why would i advertise for someone who threatend something like that to me, who also took my profile away for something as menial as posting about a dinner thingy (gotta watch my wording here in alt). There are other sites out there that don't block Yyou from giving Yyour email addy out to someone in private messeges (after at least 15 even), and Yyou can pretty much talk about anything.... and better yet - they are free. But i would not only advertise for them, i would also support them by even paying a memebership as it seems that they offer a lil more freedom.
Now i know my fellow perv is in the decission on leaving this big lil place. i don't blaim them, as i would be tired of certain things as well. As i sit here with a several thousand points sitting under my members butt, and think about what i am going to do it makes me wonder of what i should do. Then i also think of the peeps that i do keep in touch with here, as there are a few. Not all of them have moved over to other sites, and might not. But i also think of my concious, and morals and where they all lie. What do i think is right and wrong, and where should i place my cup of tea from here on in. Though lately i haven't been thinking all that straight, i still have somewhat of a thought proccess in there foggy as it may be. But it is those other oppinions that always help, especially from those who post with the info of the happenings out and about as well. And if Tthey have had the same problem as myself and a select few have had.
Pervy Regards

Friday, August 8, 2008

Looking Forward To Bugs In The Teeth

Crossing my lil fingers today that it doesn't rain toooo much on this fair lil area of Oours. In needing a lil meditation and something to take my mind off things, i'm off for a ride late today. Feel the wind in the hair, bugs in the teeth, vibration where it is needed;). Hopefully this will put a lil bit of a smile back on my face, as i think i lost it somewhere back there behind me. Still not quite feeling right either, and not sure how to back up there. Never had this before, not this hard and not by myself. There is one thing that has my brain wondering though........ Where is their lil stupid minds do men think that someone, even me, is going to meet them right off the bat out of one email that they have just sent me. With no info, no picture, no nothing. i don't know them from beans, nor anyone they know, and have nothing to go by. To top that all off, i am not even seeking a Dom in the first place - off the market so to speak...... which is quite clear in my profile. This didn't come in this site, but i tell you it really gets my goat some of these people and what they think some people will do. i wish some of these people would sit down and really think about what they are asking of other people out there, and then think if someone asked them that what they would do in their situation. i guess, as i have always said, it takes all kinds to make this world go around. But i am not going to be someone victim, and end up on the front page news even if it is for a java. pfffft. OOOOOOOOOOO. my first sunflower is in full bloom now. About time one of them came up, after having to do a re-plant with another 20 or so seeds this spring. Damn those sow bugs, and the rather poo ridden spring we had. It is a sad year in this yard for the sunflowers, but have i ever gotten my fill of blueberries. Yipeeeee. Almost have picked those bushes dry now, and going to go to my favorite abandoned blueberry farm next week and hope that those are starting to ripen. Looking forward to that trip, as it always is a good days adventure. Then go and find the native black berries, and who knows what is next. :D Well...... off to go do something or other around here. Then get ready for ride, i know it's going to be a great day.