Saturday, December 22, 2007

Cut a Foot, Gain a Mile.

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Dec 21, 2007 10:22 pm
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So i finally cut a foot off last week. And thought i would be rather upset about it, but actually found myself having a new bounce in my step. Thought more would come off, and even prepared for for it.... expected it; but only about a foot. Now i look forward to a few months down the road when another foot is severed, and see what happens then. Off to take those pesky needles off my list.... but had someone intrigue me with some acupuncture ( with who knows what ) a few days ago, and might ponder that one for a bit. i wonder if anyone else out there has felt the same feeling as i have with the loss of a foot.

Changing Activities Enjoyed - From alt

From alt:
Nov 28, 2007 4:04 am
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So i am thinking of taking a couple of things of my "likes and dis-likes" list of activities in my BDsm hobbies. In other words, maybe taking out a thing or two that i would prefer not to do any more, or at least at this time. And maybe put in something that i might want to try some day down the road. In particular..... Needles. i think i have had enough needles in my own personal life to warrant not wanting any needle play any more, or not needing any play any more. Not getting an urge for it, or even a thought of a high from it. i am actually rather getting kind of turned off from it in my own corner, just for me though. i don't mind watching it, just not for myself. This has made me wonder if this has happened to anyone else out there. Has anyone else strayed from a particular play/activity for any reason, or been turned off for a slight reason.... other than a bad experience. There aren't too many things out there that i would not be willing to try at least once, or even have a discussion about trying. There is only a select few things that i will not go into or even try, and that of course no one will get me to go to. But that is for most people - having a few limits here and there. but has anyone else just decided to not want something anymore... just because.........or for a minor or personal meaning. So then now i am going to have to go through my whole profile and decide what else i want to take off, and then what else i would like to put on there that hasn't been there as of yet. Maybe something i haven't thought of trying yet... hehehe... or something i have, and want more of. The pitfall of having a profile, having to/or should be updating it. So i am going to go and take out needle play.... eventually when i decide what else i want to change in there. Then... go and cut my hair.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

What Does Your Profile Say About You?

Oct 16, 2007 4:13 am
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How often should one update their profile.
i just sat here for an hour going over mine, catching a spelling mistake... but also updating it as well. Taking out a few things, adding a few others in. Though it didn't change all that much, it did in other ways that some may see if they have read over it a few times.
i know when i have gone to read a few peeps profiles i find that it says the same thing every time. Even a year later, it really says the same thing. Like nothing has changed in their pervy life, or even in their life in general.... makes one wonder. You would think that just changing a few things in it, just to spice it up a bit, would make even yourself feel a lil better.

When i changed mine in the spring i had recieved an email from someone that i thought would never email me. i was rather shocked, and amused at the same time. The amusing part was that they read into the profile things that weren't even there, and that they said things that already were part of my life everyday all the time... like it was something new. Rather perplexing realy if you knew who the person was, and if you read the email. But funny, really, if you knew who it was coming from and how we parted terms a year ago.... and they were the ones doing the parting. lol.
So this is what i got out of that:
i apparently love my dog now. As if i didn't before.
My health is better than it was before. Not sure where that one came from, as i never talk about my health in my profile.
And my life just seems to be lite up with life, and everything is jsut going all so happy go lucky and wonderful. Well it is always wonderful for me, and a profile will never change that.

Does what one person put in their profile really make out what is going on in their life that much... unless you are actually posting your lifes goings-ons. i have posted a day-by-day blow of my life, or what is happening in my life..... or even that i love my dog more... just that i like to take him for walks - as most dog owners do. i haven't stated how ill or well i am, or have it... let me go look. Nope. And i haven't started a soap opera of a profile in here, just a normal looking profile of what i am, what i want, and what i need out of my regular and kink life. And shocker here!!!! what i actually might be searching for in a Dom.
Now if i wasn't searching.. even if i found someone, i would still have one up. i would just state that i found someone, but here i am and what i am about still. i woud even up-date it to things i might still enjoy doing, and maybe even trying out. But never just leave it as the "i am with someone, so leave me alone" standard as some have put it. i have even read the - "i am not looking, i can't find anyone, so i give up", yes i did see that one. And it was short, not so sweet, but short.... and left at that. My thought is, close it, and just come in to chat. But then why close it, why not just get rid of it all together if you are not wanting to be here. That is a big pet peeve as well, those people who jsut close their profile and perv us all and not let us know they are here unless they cum into chat or the forums.

So really what is a profile????? Is it a hello, here is me and what i am. Or is it jsut a page with what ever you want to say, it could be a lie could be just a blurb or what ever. Or is it jsut a way to get in to alt to perv us all, or maybe, sadly just maybe, troll.
How may people do you think are real out there with their profiles?
i know i have many a peep from here in person. T/they are great people, and i cherish that, and can't wait to meet more. Even if it is just to be friends and such, and have a java or two or meet up at the odd party to be pervy. But then there are the ones, whom i am not so sure about, the ones that we all wonder about. The ones that jsut troll in here, with that weird looking profile. i understand about the few that we do know that have turned off their profiles for certain reasons, the ones that we do know in person.
But the ones that no one has met, or we truly don't know... what about them?
i wonder what their profile will say in a month or a year.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Thank You, may i have another? Please.

You know when one hears the crack of the whip and you just melt. It doesn't matter where you are, or where the sound came from... you just melt. It could be right beside you, which is all the better more. But it can even be from over the phone as someone is chatting with you while they thought they would pick up their wonderful lil device and flick it a few times, and well you just go... aaaahhhhhhh. But then when i sit here and think about those feelings and what all it entails and how it makes me feel and where i go, it kinda has it's own precept in it's self. The warmth that flows through you like a slow moving river, and how it fills you up like you are going back in time like it was just yesterday that the whip was connecting with your body. the chill of how you know how it will sting, but how good it will feel when the feeling has subsided and you are all warm and fuzzy all over. And then there is the euphoria of where one goes in flight when all if perfect and right, and how you feel when one is there. EROTOCOMATOSE LUCIDITY... i call it. It has many names, and everyone calls it something different. But in all the same, when done right for each, it is the same result. Nummy!!!!! But of course this leads us back to the conversation if one is on the phone especially. It is all lost, and one's eyes are all glazed over and thought is lost in space. And then people wonder where our thoughts are, and why half the time we may not remember the conversations that we may be having with a Top. This especially if a topic of a particular play is brought up with descriptions, and yet a whip is brought out and flicked a few times. Yes, this has happened to me a few times, more than i can count i am sure. And i am positive it will happen again, and again, and yes... again. Thank You, may i have another? Please.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Gotta Sing!!!!!!

It's been far too long since i've gone out singing. Far toooooo long. i need a good karaoke night, and just let loose. Maybe have a few wobly pops to give the courage up, if so needed..... as sometimes that might be the case, it's been a while.
But how does one find the peeps to go with. Yes this may be self tourture for some, and not all are into it. But who cares, it is just letting loose and being free. Young at heart, and not giving a care to the world of who hears you. As in most cases.... anyone that is in the place but whom is with you, does not know you.
So i sit here wondering why more people in this wonderful lifestyle of O/ours....... when most of U/us put ourselves out there for all to see in more ways than one, and in some cases neked..... don't cum out and sing for their souls. Not only is it healing, but freeing.
So should i put out the chalange to those out there. Cum and sing with me, or just make me dance.
Well i'm off to bed. Contemplating Barbies popularity at this moment in time, and if i should take her for my next hike in the bush when the rain lets up. hmmmmmmm..... lose her. shhhhhh.
Til the next time.
The vamps came and drained me. omg did they.
They will be back. grrrrrr.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

i am an angel, and truly pure.... Honest.

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Sep 22, 2007 3:01 am

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i finally found somoneone that is almost as pervy as me on here (!!!!!When you look at your pervy score... or rather your "Purity Score", and you see how pure you are. Well mine sits pretty low, shhhhh. OK, i'm 21, and it should be lower as i have to go and add a couple things onto my list.Well as i was going through the list of peeps that have winked at me. And thinking wow, what a nice looking Dom. Yes He lives a lil far away, but His profile is articulate. Then i boo at His pervy score!!!! He is a 23!!! Yipeeeee.So i may not be the un-purest out there. There is hope for me yet, and i can polish my halo and rest easy. Yeeah!!!!Just had to let that one out of me.Phew.


9/22/2007 3:43 am

Just keep working on that list, I have faith in you, go as low as you can go.....I'm pretty new at this, so mine is pretty high

9/22/2007 4:01 am

mmmmm....not sure a score of 21 qualifies you as an angel....warm regards,jilly
within your heartkeep one still secret spotwhere dreams may go

9/22/2007 4:02 am

What bothered me about the purity test was how uninclusive the categories. Can't they come up with something as offensive as, say, coprophilism, but more imaginative? Having sex in the Yalies' Skull & Bones coffin, then taking a side-by-side dump in it, then wiping our asses with White House stationary, is my idea of an afternoon of fun.
Were we half as curious as vain, communication would be easy.

Quoting d.g.2007:
Just keep working on that list, I have faith in you, go as low as you can go.....I'm pretty new at this, so mine is pretty high

>i am working on the list.... but there isn't too much left for me to try, not unless i cross the other side. lol.And you will get going on your list i am sure, it just takes a lil time. i have faith in you as well.hugs

Quoting j.sdw:
mmmmm....not sure a score of 21 qualifies you as an angel....warm regards,

>lol. i am sure if i keep buffing my halo, and look the part... i can fook almost anyone. OK, anyone who might not know me.thanks for the warm regards. They are welcomed and returned.lil d
Every story has an end. But in life; Every ending, is a new beginning.

9/22/2007 8:58 pm

Quoting M.P.:
What bothered me about the purity test was how uninclusive the categories. Can't they come up with something as offensive as, say, coprophilism, but more imaginative? Having sex in the Yalies' Skull & Bones coffin, then taking a side-by-side dump in it, then wiping our asses with White House stationary, is my idea of an afternoon of fun.

>i agree. There should be more written in there, and more catagories. But i am guessing, as the saying goes, we can't always get what we want. Though i don't think i would use stationary, a lil too stiff and hard for my lil pampered tush.but i am sure, if enough people write alt, we might be able to change a few things in the purity test. It is just a thought though.
Every story has an end. But in life; Every ending, is a new beginning.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Perfectly Pervy Whippings, and my Burbs in here.

So as i was sitting here last night, working on a few things... sorting things out, deciding what to do, and working on a few lil things on my comp. Then knowing i had to get a few new programs on here so as i can get my two comps linked up soon, and get rid of a few to do so... bla bla - chitter for some folk out there. Getting rather lost in chat with a friend, and not paying attention to what i was into, i managed to actually delete a whole section out of here while attempting to add a link to it. Pffffft me. Oh well, it will happen at some point in time. And now i know what buttons not to press to drob a bomb. lol.

so if you see that wonderful list of missing links of great sites i like and belong to missing right now..... i am on it.

The Munch last week went splendid. i enjoyed myself, and am sure others did as well. Newbies showed up, even with a swinger to-boot. Always nice to have a different mixture in our pervy world, and haven't had those there for while. Hope they show up again, as they have been to a few of our parties before and enjoyed themselves.

i managed to get a few pics of my rather beautiful looking bumm the other day. It does look like i sat on a bed of nails and moved around a bit, and that is a good thing. Yipeeee! i am truly thankful for the wonderful Domme that made the pretty picture on my lil bumm with the single tail, and in such a short time as well. i lost count after 30, and i can't quite bend that far around to see most of them. And those 3 band-aids aren't bothersome at all, and have stayed on rather well - even with the balm. Thank you to the DM for the help in tending to that - Holding the flashlight, and making sure we got all the band-aids on right.... and watching intently as well. *wink wink*.
PS to E. does it look like i'm a whoos now?????? lol.

Thank you to my ride home!!! And for taking me for food afterwards, so as i could get some strength back. And make sure that i was not going to fall fast, on a downward path. your a peach!!!!!!

W/we did such a short warm-up for that lil whip play. i am surprised it went so well, but not to the fact of how i was still warming up on the ride to get food on the way home. i had such a warm, phenomenal sleep that night/morning, and the wake-up was refreshing. But i was in a enjoyable blur the whole day to follow, and worth it.

This makes up missing my bday whippings this last year. And hopefully i will still get them some day down the road, as a girl can always hope and pray.

Thank you Rascals - WestC. G and D. for the most superb time at Rascals!!!!!! i look forward to the year to cumm, and the many more perfectly pervy times that i know, not only me, but the rest of us will see and do down the road. Muah!!!!!

Now i am off to go and have a shower....... hehehehe. Change my lil band-aids, and dress my lil spotted bumm.... maybe play connect the dots. shhhhhhhh.

wishin you all a perfectly pervy week to cumm into the weekend.

lil d

oh yes..... the vamps are coming!!!!

the vamps are coming!!!

omg. are they. grrrrrr

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I miss my Nicky Girl!!!!!!

Where are you hun?????

Love you sweety.


Not So Pervy Verbal Diarrhea - Grrrrrrrr

Now that i have posted all those in here... wow. i feel much better and up to date, and i don't feel so bad if anyone is missing anything. lol. And i can move onto bigger and better things to chat about in the going-ons in my lil pervy life, mostly good..... some not so good.

Have you ever received "verbal diarrhea" in your email box that weighed on your brain for days on end. Something that one shouldn't be receiving anymore, that is truly old news and should be forgotten and not talked about. i have and did this past week, or rather last week. And sadly it was like an obdurate object in my brain, and is still yet to be gone. It weighed on my brain over the perfectly pervy weekend, and this i tried hard to not let take over my pervy thoughts and fun.
i had written back this person after their rather tasteless email to me. i even did so in a rather fair and pleasant manner, and not tearing a strip out of this person as they so deserved for their slip of the tasteless tounge towards me. i am thinking that they didn't get the message, that it flew over their head. As they wrote back with a moot point about googling my nic, and what comes up when you do. No apology or regret for their words, not a single peep of remorse; just one line of a witless comment.
So it makes me wonder if i should even mention a word to this person about his indescretion towards me. Would it sink in, or would they even care. Would this person just go off the handle like they do with anyone else that doesn't agree with their oppinions, and start a spat with me. Who knows, and should i even care. but to put it to the point, i would rather not have any more to do with this person. Personally anyone who digs up old junctures in my life that were not all that great (and i have gone past it all, and moved on), and have no business doing so as it didn't concern them, should be put out to dry in my books.

What would anyone else do? Do you confront this person and say your peace, and tell them how you feel. Then say that you are keeping your distance from now on, and hope that mutual friends between you understand. Or do you just let it be as is, and hope that this person just leaves you alone when you stop answering emails and such. Maybe they will eventually catch the hints that are being thrown out there, even though it may seem like they never will.
Human nature is a complicated subject. We are all different in many ways, and never something that one can write a single book on with the one true answer on. i have learned many a path and life long lesson over the years, and still will keep on learning. And the one thing that i have learned, is that some people can take it right to heart and some can take it right in the face. But it's how one delivers it that makes the difference, and whom one is delivering the message to.
i am guessing this one is up to me for a long ponder for the rest of this week to go over. Then maybe, after another week has past, i will have my answer.... i hope.

Praying for no more verbal diarrhea.
More perfectly perviness please......
Next post: fun at Rascals!!!!!!! And a few things that happend prior in the week, that were pervy;)
lil d

Old Post - Something New, Something Black n Blue

Another old post below........


Aug 27, 2007 9:52 pm

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Title: Something New, Something Black n Blue

Ever go to a party, and do something different than one would normally do?

Now i am not saying go right over your limits, or stepping on the other side of the door persay. Something that you would never do normally; not in a public play space, around many other people, something completely off the normal scale for yourself. Something that you say you never do, unless one is told to do it (unless it is for the right sis or two). But then when you do do it...... enjoy it.

Now this could be almost anything now. And the best part of it all is that it was at a private party, not a public party. So only a select few would see this action, event, experience, marvel, avocation, phenomenom, adventure if you will. And even better to add to this story, i was not alone in this activity..... in total there were three of us. Now i am not going to name names, so please don't think i am going to even give hints of whom they might be. But i will say this, neither of us were Tops. Though this may be irrelevant, there was some Topping going on. And one particular person walked away with a most wonderful grin on their face, and grateful words out of their mouths. Another receieved a mouthful, and the last was truly turned on and wanted to go for more...... if the first could keep on going that is.

Will this precept happen again? Who knows, that is for another day and time to tell. Of course there would have to be another aquesition of people to to do the activity, and hwo many. Would it be the same? Or would it go further? Can one go back from there if they keep crossing that line? And could this be called edge play, or just limit play?That i can not devine. This is for only the acts to know, and understand.... and maybe some day down that path, proclaim it again.

and again.......

Oh, you want to know what it was that we did. lol. Y/you see now, that is the brat in me, and you will have to anticipate the next chapter.

perfectly pervy

lil d

Old Post - Why Be Pervy At Home

The next few posts i thought deserved their own pages. This way if anyone wanted to comment on them, it would give them their own chapters. And yes please do comment.

lil d


Aug 6, 2007 7:05 pm

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Title: Why Be Pervy At Home

If anyone ever wonders why i don't care to make it out to many events these is because of all the bickering, gossiping, backstabbing, and nonsense that happens around here these days. i am not sure if it is because of todays day and age of the net, but it certainly has gotten worse over the years. And being a lifer, that is saying something at my age. Though i do remember a time when it was fun to get out and about a lot, and still there was some of this going on. W/we are adults (or at least i would hope W/we are), so let's hold some decorum and act like it. So as it goes, i am preferring being the "at-home" parties and play. the more private part of it, it is quieter and less poo happening around me. Of course W/we can't forget that one can do a lil more in private than can be done at a public play party, and that can be a lil more satisfying than one might imagine. i still am doing my socializing at a few munches, and oddly enough.... making it to a main event or two; i love to run into people and say hello and see what T/they are up to these days..... and maybe play a lil bit.

It's the bickering and and fighting and what-nots happening in this GVRD community that drive the good people away from the openness of it all. So if Y/you ever wonder where all the good ones have gone, look to T/heir homes - where T/they don't have to deal with the politics of it all. i know of many that have decided that T/they just don't care to make it out to many of the events for these same reasons, and that T/they are tired of it all as well. That the home play is not only more satisfying, but more peaceful. That is saying something.

i am very happy to see that there are many new events started up in O/our GVRD. This is not only a good thing for the different styles and types of people out there, but it also works with people scedules, but also likes and dis-likes. W/we all don't go to every event going on in this fair town, as well all don't enjoy what each event has to offer......sadly. W/we are all different, and that is a good thing. Hence why it is good that W/we have several Munches happening every month, not just one or two. Woo hoo to Munches!!!

i have come to a time in my life where i just don't need to be out there. Always in the light of it all, in every BDsm crowd and scene. My life has gotten a lil more simpler, and a lot more quieter in some ways. This does not mean i have completely left my perviness, goodness no. It just means i am not out there flaunting my perviness at every party and event, just a select few.... and keeping to the more intimate plays. i am still me - a masochist, slave/sub/wench, and always will be. i will never hide it from the better part of my life, as it is sometimes hard to do..... it permeates from me like a fine perfume. lol. (Opium, Oscar Dellarente, or Body Shops Vanilla or lt. Musk). Most of my friends know (a select few don't), and most of my family doesn't..... though my dad is about to find out. Pray for me please. Even though he is a pretty kewl guy, and probably has a lil clue already. i just have to get him past the "they are not hurting me" pa part, not sure how it will go. but that is all part of being me, and i take full part in it. (How does one tell their dad, or rather a masochist subbie girl? - If anyone has any pointers, please send them on.)

Some day i know my dreams of the politics of this lifestyle will lesson. i think it is just U/us having to be more accepting of everyone, and less judgemental of each of ourselves. Accept each of us for who we are, and our diversities. And then help our fellow P/Perv when needed, especially in hard times. Mentor them, give them a helping hand, or even just talk them for a chat when Y/you may think they need a friend. Not this "i can't do anything, so they can figure it out for themselves", or the "they got themselves into this, so they can get themselves out", or the better yet..."They have to learn sometime, might as well be now," always a good one i hear. And if i ever hear of a good Top Mentor out there looking to help a newbie Top, i will pass on the word. And there is always subbie mentors out there, you just have to seek and say....just ask.

W/we are all responsible for what W/we are doing. In other words, W/we reflect on each other. Not just "He is at fault, or she did it", W/we all set an example for everyone..... and if one bad apple is spoiled and it gets out, W/we all look bad. And if W/we start to trash and bash a peep for one transgression in public, especially for a lil one, without full knowledge of what happened, Y/you could be hurting that person for life. This is what bugs me, people not getting BOTH sides of the story. Just running off with one persons.... this happened to me, and going with that. That is how rumors happen, and people get hurt.

i am happy where i am in my life. Not worry about whether i am making the next party or not, and if i have the right outfit to wear.... though i do if meeting with a particular Dom. i don't worry about who is talking about me, as i don't care. i am me, and i have my own life to live. Yes i do miss a few things in some ways, but what really am i missing..........Besides some great friends and a few good times - poor decorum, rumorville, bashing, and certain things i could care not to see ( no ethics ).

For those i haven't seen in a while, and do miss dearly.... OMG, i hope to see Y/you soon, at an event sooner or later. i was at the last Rascals, lol. Hello, how are Y/you?, and i hope all is going perfectly pervy with everything in Y/you lives...... Y/you know where to find me, i hope. lol.

Here's to all the pervs out there!!!!!

Have a Perfectly Pervy Summer!!!!

Happy Lughnasadh!!!!

i hope Y/you reap some of that wonderful pervy fruit out there.

lil d

Old Posts To Update From "Other" Blog

Here are the postings up to date from my blog in alt. i thought it would be great that they were posted here, then it would all fit in perfectly and make some sense before i started posting again. As i have a few words to add here again after a long week of business, and tons of perviness.... OMG the perviness. So here goes......

i will post the fist post i did in alt now, and then do replies as to the dates thereafter.



May 20, 2007 12:08 am

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Title: Filling Out Topics

So someone mentioned a lil while back that i should start a blog. More so to post the lil poems i write, and maybe put in some of my lil rambles of life that might make sense. So finally here i am, in a blog. lol. Too funny. As i do have a blog elsewhere in the wonderful world of the web, but this will prove rather interesting as it is completely for kink.

So tonight i am sitting here getting to those lil questions that some of U/us like to fill out in O/our profiles now and then. things that actually might give insight to what W/we are like, and how our personalities flow in this pervy world. As i have said in my profile, i do get to these from time to time, and fill a few out at a time.... and have up-dated a few lately as well (life has changed, and W/we all grow).

Then i got to thinking how long it actually takes to fill these questions out. Now i am not even counting the fetish check list, just the extra responses. i have only sat here for a couple of hours on about 3 sections... and thought wow. This is actually quite time consuming when one thinks about it, and no wonder so many people don't sit down and completely fill these out. This isn't the first site i have done this, and know that it can take some time. But it would make it easier it W/we could just copy-paste all the responses across the board, but then that would be too easy. Torture is the game here.If it were to be broken down to time, and how much someone would get paid to answer all these questions in full and honestly - it would be a nice chunk of change in my pocket at least. Then i thought why not alt give considerable extra credit to members who fill out the entire sections, in full. i think that is fitting, as it is a lot of work. But that would be asking too much i am sure, and then that would mean paying out some what if everyone caught on. lol. But W/we get credit for most other things in here, including posting in the mag and even voting on submissions. Just a thought.

That is my ramble. Now that i have spent considerable question answer time in here, i should go back and see what else i can finish off before i have to jet off.

Have a perfectly pervy weekend folks.

lil d

Monday, September 10, 2007

Mentoring vs Governing Body - my views

So everyone, well almost everyone, is talking about this Governing Body thingy that some peeps want to start up here. i am guessing to they can deal with peoples problems in our lil lifestyle, in the hopes to maybe work them out between the parties. lol. Some of it is rather funny, some disturbing, and some i am just shaking my head at... this is their posts of course on a site that people belong to.

Sadly this is on the heals of many people bickering and fighting over a few things. Someone misunderstanding one thing, another going off the wall when they shouldn't have, and another taking something way toooooo far.... oh ya, someone posting something in their blog to which is very tacky and shouldn't be. pffft. Dear dear.

Well here is the post that i posted to the thread of this whole subject. i thought i would share it here, in the hopes that maybe someone else might have a thought or two.


This is going to be a lil bit of a long post, so please "bare" with me. Sorry for those who like the short and sweet ones, but it is worth it.

As i have said for severals years, and numerous times (too many to count) that Mentors used to be the fact of the kink lifestyle. When you were entering or starting out, you had a mentor of some kind. Doms had Their mentors to lead and teach Them not only how Top, but how to treat Their property properly in a SSC manner. And the sub/slaves usually had a sis or bro to show them the robes, and sometimes the rules of not only what is expected of them but what can and shouldn't happen to them. In most circles this was called Old Guard, in others the Old Way.. there are many names to it, but it generally has the same meaning to it: W/we all help and teach each other on O/our lil lifestyle. Not only does this give U/us the tools and knowledge that is needed to safely treck through the waters without harm or harming, but it also gives U/us the respect to ourselves and others that is needed within.
This is how i was real time trained and mentored so many years ago ( 20 some odd, no i am not stating the real years... as this is ). There weren't governing bodies per-say, but there were people around to help out when one had questions that needed answering - or worse if one was in trouble. In the older times, there were even stronger families and compounds of groups that kept to themselves and within what we are trying to call a "community" today. And yes, they dealt with problems as they surfaced. There may have been votes, or a whole discussion on the matter, but it was dealt with. But by no means were the peoples problems put out in the open for all to see, and dealt with by people that may not have good intentions.

i believe in mentoring to the fullest. i have for years, and still do to some extend when i am called apon... and always will. i think more people who have been in this wonderful lifestyle for many years, with great experience, should do this. This gives people the tools to move forward in a safe and friendly manner that we all can deal with, and hopefully harm free. And i do agree with a Welcome Wagon idea as well, as there are always new people coming to town and wanting to meet with us... not just the newbies out there. W/we have to remember that as well.

But i tend to disagree with a governing body idea. There are many reasons at to why it will not work, and most people know why. But for the most part, it will be too one-sided. And for the bottoms part, they truly don't have that fighting say in it. As well, you will never get anyone to fully agree on whom will govern their problems. Who do you want to air you problems to, and do you trust them with this knowledge to deal with it in a proper way that best suites your interest.... not just theirs or say, if the other party is thier friends.
We are all supposed to be adults here. Or at least i thought so, and shouldn't we all be held accountable for our own actions in the way we carry ourselves. If we need a governing body to tell us what to do, or even decide how we deal with our problems in this lifestyle.... how do we deal with ourselves outside of this lifestyle in our regular day to day lives. Do we have a governing body in our nilla lives? Yes in a way we do, if we commit a crime we do.... court. But then if we commit a crime here, we can be charged just the same. It is how you deal with it, and you can.
But if i were to go to any one body with my problems with someone in this lifestyle, it would probably be a senior DM. Generally they are the ones that may have a say in what happends at the Play Parties, and who can attend.... no? We can not be governed on alt, this is an open forum for anyone to be in. It is sad what happens in here some times, the bickering and backstabbing. But it is not only the ones that actually go out to the public play parties that are in the middle of it either. So are we going to try to govern the ones that aren't "out" in public? We truly have no say over any one person, really. Not unless we own them, or can actually charge them with something in real life.
i think we have to learn to govern ourselves first. Then worry about others around us, and help them on their paths to perfectly perviness. And if we can help others, then we are doing the right thing.... not hurting others, or worrying if they are out with so-and-so, or if they are doing this to whom and said that. And if you truly do have a problem..... take it up with someone close to you that you trust, not in the public eye for all the dirty laundry to be aired. Then take it to someone who can actually help, like a Senior DM like figure in this Greater Vancouver Community (or one in your local area). And if all else fails..... get counseling, and or if it is that bad - think about pressing charges. No more of this poo that is happening as it is, and people wondering what is going on. When truly it is non of their business. Keep it to yourselves, and in your own private worlds of chat.... not for all to read and deal with.
We all have our faults, and we all make mistakes, it is how we deal with it that makes us who we are. No one is perfect in other words, but we can strive to be better people and show others how to carry one's self.
And yes, let's welcome everyone to our lil pervy world.... no matter who they are and what they look like.... or what their kinks are. And welcome them with open arms, and without prejudice. And with that, in the hopes, we will not need to have a governing body to deal with problems.... just a giant welcome wagon party!!!!!

just my 50cents
lil d

Spring Time Relationship in Summer Days For My Good Friend

A wonderful and great friend of mine, who also happends to be a Domme, is in a new relationship with s truly wonderful Dom. She sounds so happy, and this is good on her for sure. Though this is new, i can see this lasting a long time.... if not for good. Knowing who the Dom is, i am quite pleased. i do believe they compliment each other well, and He will treat her like the Queen/princess that she is.
It was rather funny hearing her ask me the other day on how one works with two Doms in a relationship. As i stated to her, it happends, and works all the time. i kow of many Dom couples, and they work out very well.... and are quite happy and healthy. Yes there are many dinamics to work out between the two, but it does work. There has to be an undestanding that there never is a "one up on each other", and there are two people there to compliment each other, and well, yes you don't share each other's "toys," as in bottoms. lol. But it does work, and when it does... it is like no music you have never heard.

i am just Yipppppeeeeee!!!! for her right now.

Now if only everyone else was in the spring mode right now. lol. Yes i know it's summer, but one can dream can't she.

Found my shopping object today finally!!!! OMG. They actually had it, and only had to go to one store. WOW. i didn't have to get out a whip, poutters. But if anyone offers, i will be whipped for my troubles. lol.

9 more days til "Mom's day".

Can't wait til Rascals

Nighters... going to go and walk the pooch, have a tea and relax. It is 12:26 am now, way past my bed time soon.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Wonder why they want you to shop there?

i spent a better part of 4 hours today hunting for one redundent (now i am calling it) thing to day in several stores. i believe i went to 5 strores for this object, and still did not find it. Even going as far as calling ahead to the last two to see if they had it; they saying they did, and ariving to find that they actually didn't. And then wanting to whip them in a bad way for their discression in bad inforation, and making me go out of my way. Not forgetting to tell them that i had been hunting around previously for this, and that i was not in a car... on transit. Grrrrrrrr.
Getting home i called a few places and finally found this thing. Yippeeee. But it is the whole: " Make sure this is exactly what i am seeking, as i have gone through this already today and have gotten to the place to find out that they don't have it." So tomorrow i will finnish my adventure of searching for my "something", and hopefully actually come away satisfied. Wish me luck. lol.
And then maybe, just maybe, i won't turn into that sadistic bitch that i truly hate being. *sigh*

Started to learn the Finger 11 song "Paralyzed" today. Omg. i can actually sing that one, surprisingly. i must put that one in my lil song book one day, and try it out in scareioki one day. lol. When ever that may be, hopefully in 10 days maybe.... or 8 if i follow peeps days off if they are to join me for "mom's day." Really like singing Ferfie and BJ songs though, and my old favs. Must stop tourturing myself, and get someone to do this to me more frequently. (ponders as to wehre a certain someone is)
i have noticed that i tend to walk into things more often when i haven't been playing as often. Does anyone else notice this with themselves? Must do a poll, or question this one out.

10 more days til Mom's day.
Can you believe it's been 10 years already. wow. Miss you. Wish i made it in time, and wish i could have told you how much i loved and forgave you for all our differences. i know one day would have made a difference, but two weeks would have made my life.
6 years and 14 days since MJS's day. *sigh* Miss you tons. You will always be in my heart, and have a part of it. Always there, never forgotten, and always my rock to keep me going on.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Didn't Win A Single Ticket - Scorpions/Tommy

Sadening day in a way today......The other day i found out that i didn't win the tickets to the Scorpions concert coming up on the 12th. Grrrrrr. Then today, i found out i didn't win the tickets to one of the Tommy Chong nights during the Commedy Festival (13-15th) at Laugh Lines for him. Double Pout!!!! So i am drowing my sorrows in surfing movies and a 78% choco bar, and vanilla chai tea.

i haven't seen Scorpions live in concert in years..... and no one knows what i would do for that. And i saw Tommy Chong on my 20th Birthday in my home town; did the skit with him, had a blast, then partied with him for the weekend.... total blast. And i would do pretty much anything to go see him again, i mean anything. He could make even the sternist person laugh, and make one's life happy for a whole year. *sigh*i will just have to find ways to keep myself busy to keep my mind off of not being able to go either of these wonderful events... and look forward to the the next Rascals.

Missing my indi girl.


Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Mini Floggers and Canes & Vamps Oh my!!!!

The vamps got ahold of me again yesterday. Grrrr. So here i sit again with another hole in my arm, and watching the bruise grow again. i hope this is the last time i donate blood for no reason at all, with no outcome. Some day they will figure this out.
Though i did manage to delay my non-consensual needle play for another three weeks. Yipeee. Tis was supposed to be at the end of this month, but it has been re-booked an extra three weeks there after. Didn't think i was going to manage something as that, kind of like moving mountains. So then maybe one day i can look forward to true needle play..............
Na!!! Please bring me the blade; the cold hard feeling of a wonderful knife running over my shivering body. *shigh*

Today i finnished getting together the 60 or so mini floggers ready for w.c.g. i hope she likes them, as they are so cute. Funky lil things that they are, and so much fun not only to make, but to play with. i can't wait til i get more material in to make more, in many different colors and sizes. Now i just have to get my lil bumm on to my "lil d's kisses", way behind on them. Pluss my canes, have a few of those on the go. Gotta love making canes, and receiving them.
All this talk about toys is truly getting my lil mind going. Makes me want to go and play, stick my lil bumm in front of a toy or two. Hmmmmmm. Must make a note to go to the next party, or at least the private play i have planned cumming up.

13 more days til "Mom's day".

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Starting New Blog Space

Well i thought i would start a new blog space that everyone i know can get ahold of. This one they can read, get into, and hopefully not have too many troubles with. Though i do have a web site of my own, to which i will post here at another date after i update it (i have to do so when i get all the stuff from my old drives, grrrr). So i hope this works out, and isn't all that confusing to anyone.
Any story i tell here will be mostly about me. All will be true, and only my name will be used unless permission has been given by other participants. lol. i think this is only fair, and in the true nature of our life and peeps. i will ramble on about anything, and everything pretty much. Though i will keep out certain things, as you all don't need to hear about some things. i might give hints, or nics to those though. Y/you just never know what you may find in here, and what not to find.
i should maybe put some things in here to catch up on.... but that would be tacky maybe. Please let me know, as Your input is important to me.
i will leave this thought for now, as my pooch is looking to go for a trot out and about now. The big snivle puss that he can be, and some think he is such a scary dog. lol. Oh yes he can be, i wouldn't want to meet him in a dark alley if i were a strange male... that is for sure. But boy is he a ham, and a snivler. wow. A big kid, and will be till the day he passes. *sigh* He is my bubba, that is a given. but i love him to bits and pieces, and wouldn't trade him for nothing. He makes me smile every day, especially when i need that pick-me-up. He is definately my mirror. A happy-go-lucky dude, who loves to live life, play as much as he can, and eat all the good stuff.

Well till we meet again.


lil d