Tuesday, October 16, 2007

What Does Your Profile Say About You?

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Oct 16, 2007 4:13 am
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How often should one update their profile.
i just sat here for an hour going over mine, catching a spelling mistake... but also updating it as well. Taking out a few things, adding a few others in. Though it didn't change all that much, it did in other ways that some may see if they have read over it a few times.
i know when i have gone to read a few peeps profiles i find that it says the same thing every time. Even a year later, it really says the same thing. Like nothing has changed in their pervy life, or even in their life in general.... makes one wonder. You would think that just changing a few things in it, just to spice it up a bit, would make even yourself feel a lil better.

When i changed mine in the spring i had recieved an email from someone that i thought would never email me. i was rather shocked, and amused at the same time. The amusing part was that they read into the profile things that weren't even there, and that they said things that already were part of my life everyday all the time... like it was something new. Rather perplexing realy if you knew who the person was, and if you read the email. But funny, really, if you knew who it was coming from and how we parted terms a year ago.... and they were the ones doing the parting. lol.
So this is what i got out of that:
i apparently love my dog now. As if i didn't before.
My health is better than it was before. Not sure where that one came from, as i never talk about my health in my profile.
And my life just seems to be lite up with life, and everything is jsut going all so happy go lucky and wonderful. Well it is always wonderful for me, and a profile will never change that.

Does what one person put in their profile really make out what is going on in their life that much... unless you are actually posting your lifes goings-ons. i have posted a day-by-day blow of my life, or what is happening in my life..... or even that i love my dog more... just that i like to take him for walks - as most dog owners do. i haven't stated how ill or well i am, or have it... let me go look. Nope. And i haven't started a soap opera of a profile in here, just a normal looking profile of what i am, what i want, and what i need out of my regular and kink life. And shocker here!!!! what i actually might be searching for in a Dom.
Now if i wasn't searching.. even if i found someone, i would still have one up. i would just state that i found someone, but here i am and what i am about still. i woud even up-date it to things i might still enjoy doing, and maybe even trying out. But never just leave it as the "i am with someone, so leave me alone" standard as some have put it. i have even read the - "i am not looking, i can't find anyone, so i give up", yes i did see that one. And it was short, not so sweet, but short.... and left at that. My thought is, close it, and just come in to chat. But then why close it, why not just get rid of it all together if you are not wanting to be here. That is a big pet peeve as well, those people who jsut close their profile and perv us all and not let us know they are here unless they cum into chat or the forums.

So really what is a profile????? Is it a hello, here is me and what i am. Or is it jsut a page with what ever you want to say, it could be a lie could be just a blurb or what ever. Or is it jsut a way to get in to alt to perv us all, or maybe, sadly just maybe, troll.
How may people do you think are real out there with their profiles?
i know i have many a peep from here in person. T/they are great people, and i cherish that, and can't wait to meet more. Even if it is just to be friends and such, and have a java or two or meet up at the odd party to be pervy. But then there are the ones, whom i am not so sure about, the ones that we all wonder about. The ones that jsut troll in here, with that weird looking profile. i understand about the few that we do know that have turned off their profiles for certain reasons, the ones that we do know in person.
But the ones that no one has met, or we truly don't know... what about them?
i wonder what their profile will say in a month or a year.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Thank You, may i have another? Please.

You know when one hears the crack of the whip and you just melt. It doesn't matter where you are, or where the sound came from... you just melt. It could be right beside you, which is all the better more. But it can even be from over the phone as someone is chatting with you while they thought they would pick up their wonderful lil device and flick it a few times, and well you just go... aaaahhhhhhh. But then when i sit here and think about those feelings and what all it entails and how it makes me feel and where i go, it kinda has it's own precept in it's self. The warmth that flows through you like a slow moving river, and how it fills you up like you are going back in time like it was just yesterday that the whip was connecting with your body. the chill of how you know how it will sting, but how good it will feel when the feeling has subsided and you are all warm and fuzzy all over. And then there is the euphoria of where one goes in flight when all if perfect and right, and how you feel when one is there. EROTOCOMATOSE LUCIDITY... i call it. It has many names, and everyone calls it something different. But in all the same, when done right for each, it is the same result. Nummy!!!!! But of course this leads us back to the conversation if one is on the phone especially. It is all lost, and one's eyes are all glazed over and thought is lost in space. And then people wonder where our thoughts are, and why half the time we may not remember the conversations that we may be having with a Top. This especially if a topic of a particular play is brought up with descriptions, and yet a whip is brought out and flicked a few times. Yes, this has happened to me a few times, more than i can count i am sure. And i am positive it will happen again, and again, and yes... again. Thank You, may i have another? Please.