Sunday, May 17, 2009

Women Of Mayhem for Me

I had such a great time at Mayhem I didn't want it to end. Not only did I meet some wonderful women from all walks of life and sexes..... I learned more about myself and maybe about the people that are in my life. Yes, I did. This is not a bad thing, but a very good thing. A path I had to walk, and a great and wonderful walk it was. Let's walk it again please.

I have made some great new friendships out Mayhem. I hope I keep these people in my life, as they are some of the most beautiful people I have ever met. Those spirits that rose from their bodies just shawn, and there was no end to it. There was no negativity to them, and their generocity flowed from them like a river of gold. They were open to anything you had to talk about, and open about themselves and were willing to talk about anything about themselves. Not many people I know are willing to just open up about themselves and their lives, just say who and what they are about. This is me, and why I am here and how I got here.... and do it honestly.

Energy flowed all weekend long. One could have powered a city on what I could feel from all that energy, and I fed on it like a hungry animal. It is was kept me going that whole time, right through to the last ending dance.... and boy did I dance. Danced my lil heart out and legs off, and felt that the next couple of days. I saw things in workshops that made me cry it was so beautiful, and a few others as well. And things that made us all laugh and rejoice, but most of all made us want more and crave for it all. And the knowledge of it all, everyone had their own knowledge to share with everyone. That is what made it all worth while, everyone shared with everyone. No care in the world on who it was with, it was shared. Love was in the air, friends were made across bridges, and everyone had a hug for the next person..... Energy!

The funny thing about the whole thing was what was missing that whole 4 days. There were over 200 women there, and a good portion were mooning.... but the most wonderful part of it all is the lack of - or rather non to nothing of drama. Yes, No Drama! Talk about a feat, no drama at a all female event. Something you can't even find at a Pan event, or even in this town mixed with just a few people. We all relished in it, and enjoyed for what it was. Just a most uneventful weekend full of energy filled women of all walks of sex identified and Ds identified people. woo hoo I say. Let us do that all over again, and let us do it again soon.

Of course there is Diva's Den here on Sunday.... ummm ok this is in the wee hours of the morning that I am typing this, so in just over 16 hours. And I am going to be seeing a few of those locals that were at that same conference, and I can't wait. Not only am I going for the girlie show, but I get to see some of these wonderful people that I got to see all weekend. People that I hadn't seen for a long time, people that I had met in person for the first time, people that I had just met.... people I can't wait to see again and spend more time with. What a life, what a way to live.... what a way to just be. Now that is what I call life. Being a woman... no matter how you live it.

I have not felt all that great for the last lil while. Yes my health has lacked due to things beyond my control, and waiting for that call to get those platelets that I need so much to help me keep up with my daily living. Operations are somewhere down the line, and finding a cure for "L" is probably never going to happen, but one can only hope. But I can say this.... for someone who has had such a lack of energy for the last lil while.... I found a ton of it for Mayhem. It was there, and I didn't have to search for it. I am so happy that I was actually able to go at the last minute, and they accommodate me so well. I am so happy that I didn't have to sleep through half of it, or not feel under the weather for even a slight of it. I am so happy that I came out the other side without a worry of my health, and have to go running off to get some energy shot at emerg. And I am so happy that I don't have to go to my docs and explain why I am so tired and under the weather for some other stupid thing I may have done to out do myself for one more time, as I think this actually did me some good for a change. Yipeeeee!

Not only did I have great energy from that weekend, and maybe just maybe I got more out of it than I thought I had bargained..... I think I gained a "puppy" as well. Boy is he ever cute and adorable, and obedient as well. And he spoils me rotten, and all he wants to do is make me feel better. No Top/Dom could ask for anything more out of someone like this, no one. he is a service primarily, but he makes a cute lil puppy. And most of all, he makes a wonderful friend and partner... I can see this already. Yes I do want to keep him, and I hope someday this is for this in time. All will tell time in the future, and I can only hope. But he is the one that ultimately makes the decision, and all I can do is hope that I treat him well enough that he wants to stay. "good boy, good boy", "fetch".

Well......... Now I should take this lil body of mine own and get it off to bed. Take birdie with me, and get him some quiet time as well. Birdie seems to like it more when he is in his lil corner in my room, and is quieter in the morning. So we are off to bed here shortly, and get our lil time together... and have our wonderful wake-up together as well. Such a good birdie, and hopefully come along more quickly from here on in. Got to get that new squawky thingy under control, and get him on a better sched.

To a new day, beautiful women, and good lil doggies and birdies.



What is in a joke......

Funny how some people are really. There are many that can take anything that you throw at them, joking in many ways that everyone gets and can handle.... and throw something right back at you. But then, every now and then, there is a time that same person can't take a simple sentence that is meant as no harm and take it all in the wrong way or throw all sorts of wrongness into it all over the place. Basically escelating everything right out of porportion, and adding to something that really isn't there. Then making everything look bad, and not putting into it what they shold have. Really.... as it was to be in the first place. But what makes this all so bad in the first place......... something was given to in the first place. So making it as that person can give it, but not take it situation.
Now that first given statement I had laughted off quite well. Went along with it, just as a joke and even made fun with it just as it was meant to be in the first place. Even came back with something to go with it, as it was all intended. Being called a Dyke after coming home from an all women's conferences is ok I guess, if it came from one sure..... but not from a straight woman. But it came in a humerous manner in a sense, and I went along with it. So when having the chance to go with a funny thread and throw something in and give a lil back, well I was screamed and sworn at. Even put on a stake like I had done the worst thing in the world, though it was all meant in jest. And all this person had to do was come back at me with something just as, and make it all on me. But hmmmm, I guess that can't go both ways. Too bad really, as it shows how it is to go with someone in my eyes. If you dish it, you better be able to take it. That is my theory. And when it comes to this lifestyle, there is a lot of dishing going on... and we all should be able to make lite of a lot of things...... especially if I get called things by someone who is not gay enough to get near that name. And in some circles, would be hung and tried for a word like that coming out of their mouth if not being one. Funny how that is really, why is that. That goes for ethnic people as well, even people of religion. It goes for this kind of naming all over the world, yet humor can't play a part in it when it is dished out. Gawd forbid you call a cop a pig or rotten baccon, one might get thrown in jail for verbal abuse. Or worse.

Yes, this has been worked out. But it is still sore on me in my own heart, as I never did anything wrong... just worded something the wrong way. And oooops, took something without saying something about it when maybe I should have.
I don't regret one bit spending my weekend with all those beautiful women of all sexual genders and types and choices. Woo hoo for them and myself, I had a most wonderful time. I look forward to the next time, and hope my experience is not only just as but better. *Look for next posting on how great it was*. But I should not be condemed for trying to go along with a threads common topic of choice, nor for trying to make a joke with someone. And maybe some people out there (not the person in question I might say pls) should take a look at themselves and just laugh and fuckin lighten up, as this life is not so friggen serious..... we are a bit to uptight these days. I have learned to, otherwise I would not have taken that name called so lightly.

Maybe I am becoming a Dyke... is that so bad... hell... they are great people... less drama.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Women & The Weekend

I'm catching up with myself.... I think.

I met some wonderful women this past weekend. There is so much I could say about so many of them, but I don't think there is enough room on here to keep going on and on..... But I would love to say that they all made an impression on me, and I will remember everyone of them for a very long time (if not for ever). I love women, always have and always will. It is not just the fact that they are women, as yes I am very much attracted to the female sex. Maybe even more so than the male, even though it seems it takes a man to Dom me..... But women have a softness to them. Their lips, their hips, their thighs and their eyes. Just being drawn to them is like a drug, and watching them just walking can get me going. Caressing the right woman can make me so happy, and when attracted to that one........... wow.
I had the perfectly filled weekend full of Women of all types. It wasn't just the fact that they were women that attracted me to those that I magnetite to, but it was their charisma and inner beauty that stuck out more than anything. Many of them came out of their shells this past weekend, which was just wonderful for many to see - not just to them in their lives. There is a piece of art when one sees someone enjoying them self with our worrying about what is going to be said, or caring who is going to see it. It brings out the real person from the inside, and then you meet the "who" that you are attracted to.... the one that makes that person tick. Some are stronger than others, but some just shine all that more, and some just relax around such a welcoming atmosphere. Now that is what attracts me, plus all those females. Nummy!

Now some people that know me would be wondering what is going on with me. Lil D is into men as well, why is she going to an all women's event. Yes, I love men as well. Men do find something inside of me that sometimes isn't always brought out by a woman, and can only be controlled by the male gender. Not sure why, but that is just how it is. My first sexual experiences were with women, and I still have those branded in my memory. Those experiences brought out something in me, and showed something about me that I don't think I would know now if it did not come into fruition. I wouldn't be who I am without those, and I would be repressed into a closet I am certain. My first experience with a man, well, is not as memorable as I would hope. I hate to say it, I don't recall it like I should. That is how great that was, and I don't ever want that repeated. No, it wasn't pervy in any way. It was rather plain jane, and nothing added to it to make it worth my while really. Nothing against all those guys out there, but sheesh.... really... come on now. At least you all could do is pretend your blind, feel your way around a girl.... that just might work. It is what you feel back that you get your reactions, not just a 'wam, bam, thank you mam' thingy. Gross. No thank you, I don't want that again... never. No more missionary for this girl, no more nilla again.
But what is kinky for one person... can actually be that other person's nilla. Has anyone ever thought of that one. Something to ponder maybe in that next thread, and maybe not bicker over who's dinky is bigger. But then fighting over drama, and who is right, and who can out who, and all that other friggen mess..... well, I am starting to guess that is the norm for the rest of the kink world. Hmmmmmm
Maybe that is why I have so much fun with the queer community. They tend to keep shit to themselves, less drama, and they don't take all that shit to community boards...... they deal with it in private. Of all the 200+ women I was around this past 4 days, I ran into barely anything for drama or bickering. Now that is something for the books. Something I think this area could take a lesson from. Even when a good half of them are "mooning", and some even have a lump on their shoulder. But all is kept away from this public life, why ruin someone else's playground..... keep it to yourself. Etiquette.

Almost Too Tired......

I had such a blast at Mayhem. I am so fucking tired from this last weekend, that I can barely move. Though I think I will blaim that all on the couple of hours of straight dancing on Sunday night, non stop. But I had a bucket full of motivation all over the place, and I am not talking the drinks either.... well not the liquid type. wink

For an all girl weekend there was only two guys there. hahahahahahaha. Both wonderful men, yes. But I was hoping we would have a chance to tie them up and beat them for their appearence at this event (of course at the end of it when it was all over pretty much), don't ya think? hmmmmm. Ok, maybe not.... too cute to beat. Donators as well, can't hurt them.

I am full of energy. I am so tired I will never catch up on my sleep. I am so sore I can't move. I am still on a buzz from whipping someone's ass all weekend. I am high from the energy I absorbed from all over. I have a sore face from the smile that I couldn't wipe off. And I am so fucking happy and filled with warmth from all the great people I met and met-up from days before. I couldn't ask for more..... cept another great weekend like that again.

I missed a few great women that were to be there.... you were greatly missed, and thought of by many. Huggers, we understand why you couldn't make it. Muah!

My pillow calls to me again. I think I will go to it, and rest some more...... Wooo hooooooo! Thank you Mayhem for the most wonderful time I have had in a year. Perfectly Pervy! Now to plan for the next pervy weekend event............................... hmmmmm and how to get there.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Sex Worker Outed, Why Even Sex Workers Don't Report Assaults to the Police....

There is so much chat around many boards about. I am going to say a few things, then post something that is quite disturbing to viewers. ....

No one has the right to out anyone for any reason of any kind. I don't care who the heck you think you are, or what purpose you think this is for.... you have no right to out anyone. There have been many friends of mine that have been outed over the years, and this has done them great harm. They have lost their job due to a particular person going to their employer, or they have family now cutting them off. There are so many ramifications to what a few words can do, even saying what a real name is on a board that you think is only being read by "lifestyler's", can out someone. I certainly would not do this to anyone, as I wouldn't want it done to myself. The old saying..... "do unto others as you want them to do unto you". Now you yourself may be out, but that doesn't account for all of the pervy public out there. So it certainly does not give you the right, even if you are out there, to out any one else.

Karma people!!!!!! It does come back around to you, even if you don't believe in it.

Now, to what I read today......
This is in a newspaper down in the south east. All about someone being outed, but also why sex workers don't report assaults to the police. Even the police don't care, or are part of it. Sad, but true. And again, another bad case of a reporter writing something in a wrong statement of cases. Putting something out there they shouldn't have, outed someone they shouldn't have, and put a story quite literally out of context. Ouch! Not kewl, not right, and that reporter should be out of a job.... including many others. But sadly, this will never happen.

Here is the link. Make up your own minds.

Hopefully you all can go about to happy perving privately. In your lives we all live in our own lil bubbles, but it only takes one person with a pin to pop it. Who that person is, who knows, but how we protect ourselves is another. It is about time we do something about these people that "out" us, don't ya think?