Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy Peekin Pervin Nights

Finally got out to Rascals last night. Haven't been out in a few months to a 'Play Party' per-say, and it was good to get out and see people that i don't normally get to chat to much. i have missed a few munches of late; mostly due to not being well and my pooch passing, and then getting ready for the Spring Equinox (practicing my singing for the Drumming Circle - to which most people would know nothing about, maybe if you knew of Sun Dances and bits like that). And not everyone that goes to the Play parties, always goes to the munches either; and i don't make all the munches..... omg i would make a very busy girl.

But last night (sat) i got in some wonderful eye candy sights. i think the thing that caught my eye the most was this wonderful hanging right in front of the table that i was grounded at. she looked so comfy in her rope up in float. And it was perfectly pervy and beautiful, the icing on the cake. Though having a few worthers origs during the evening, and a delightful ester lollipop kept my lil mouth busy when i wasn't chatting away. Something that even i know can be a proven feat, though i deny all over chattiness always.
There were a bunch of lovelies out, lots to
look at and chat with. Wonderful friends looking perfectly pervy, and new ones cute as can be. Still looking for my dishes that were to promised to me for this party, not sure where 'r' hid them. :( Oh well, ce la vie.

i look forward to the next party..... be it public or private. i do have a tea or two coming up, and i know some rope to crawl into soon. Yipeeeeee! hehehehehe. shhhhh.


pervy thoughts runneth over..............

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Friday, March 14, 2008

Betty Boop Pz Prezzie!!!!!!!

i got the greatest prezzie for my Bday that passed a couple of weeks ago. And to tell you the truth, i don't normally celebrate it, i celebrate differently than most people do.... and that kind of makes it weird to some. lol. But this year i spent time with my big brother, something that was much needed.
but my best friend got me the neetest thingy... heheheheheehheheheheehe. Insert Giggle. <

A Betty Boop Pez like thingy. OMG. Like talk about wickedly kewl. And truly put a smile on my face, one that was needed. It actually has round candies, and gum tooo!!!!! Would love to have a second one, just so i can actually use it... then wouldn't feel bad about not opening this one up.
i will take a pic of it and get it on here, just so everyone can see it. i don't think my camera phone will do it though, so will borrow someone actual camera for it.

Thanx my best friend. you know who you are. Hugs and love.