Friday, October 5, 2007

Thank You, may i have another? Please.

You know when one hears the crack of the whip and you just melt. It doesn't matter where you are, or where the sound came from... you just melt. It could be right beside you, which is all the better more. But it can even be from over the phone as someone is chatting with you while they thought they would pick up their wonderful lil device and flick it a few times, and well you just go... aaaahhhhhhh. But then when i sit here and think about those feelings and what all it entails and how it makes me feel and where i go, it kinda has it's own precept in it's self. The warmth that flows through you like a slow moving river, and how it fills you up like you are going back in time like it was just yesterday that the whip was connecting with your body. the chill of how you know how it will sting, but how good it will feel when the feeling has subsided and you are all warm and fuzzy all over. And then there is the euphoria of where one goes in flight when all if perfect and right, and how you feel when one is there. EROTOCOMATOSE LUCIDITY... i call it. It has many names, and everyone calls it something different. But in all the same, when done right for each, it is the same result. Nummy!!!!! But of course this leads us back to the conversation if one is on the phone especially. It is all lost, and one's eyes are all glazed over and thought is lost in space. And then people wonder where our thoughts are, and why half the time we may not remember the conversations that we may be having with a Top. This especially if a topic of a particular play is brought up with descriptions, and yet a whip is brought out and flicked a few times. Yes, this has happened to me a few times, more than i can count i am sure. And i am positive it will happen again, and again, and yes... again. Thank You, may i have another? Please.

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