Friday, March 14, 2008

Betty Boop Pz Prezzie!!!!!!!

i got the greatest prezzie for my Bday that passed a couple of weeks ago. And to tell you the truth, i don't normally celebrate it, i celebrate differently than most people do.... and that kind of makes it weird to some. lol. But this year i spent time with my big brother, something that was much needed.
but my best friend got me the neetest thingy... heheheheheehheheheheehe. Insert Giggle. <

A Betty Boop Pez like thingy. OMG. Like talk about wickedly kewl. And truly put a smile on my face, one that was needed. It actually has round candies, and gum tooo!!!!! Would love to have a second one, just so i can actually use it... then wouldn't feel bad about not opening this one up.
i will take a pic of it and get it on here, just so everyone can see it. i don't think my camera phone will do it though, so will borrow someone actual camera for it.

Thanx my best friend. you know who you are. Hugs and love.


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