Thursday, April 17, 2008

Tri-City Munch - NEW VENUE, April 27th & 30th.

Greetings fellow Muchies and pervs,

i am sending this out to inform Everyone that the Tri-City Munch is being held at a New Venue from now on. Due to complications with staff at the old place, and tired old menus..... and as well We can also have Sunday Brunches at the New place, it is being moved.

New Venue:

John B. Neighbourhood Pub
1000 Austin Ave. (@Blue Mountain)
Coquitlam, BC.
** If You can pls inform/email me on if you might be coming, so i can do a good reservation for Us all. They are more than happy to have us in their pub, just as long as We keep our "bits" covered. lol. That was from All Hallows Eve, is We had had one.
*They have great food at respectable prices, and the Brunches on Sunday are to die for...... including the desert bar to go with it (for those who like at least 6 -10 choices). $15.95 per, $13.95 senior, and worth every penny though. From sushi to perogies and pancakes and meats, and many deserts. (Plus you can order from the menu starting at 12:30pm)
***You can go up more than once for food, so get stuffed.
Please tell Everyone that You all can. Email this out to your pervy friends that might attend a Munch, or New people that might be thinking of attending one. Thank You all so much.

The next Tri-City Munch is:

Wed. April 30th
6:30pm - 9:30pm (or so)
(This is still on going for every 5th Wed. of the month when there is one.)

Then starting this April 27th!!!!!

Tri-City Sunday Brunch !
11:30am - 1:30pm (or so)
John B Pub
1000 Austin Ave. (@ Blue Mountain)
Coquitlam, BC.
***Again pls try to inform/email me so i can reserve tables for Us all.

Happy Pervin

lil d / lolitadiva

you can reach me here or......
Get on the Tri-City Munch Mailing List!!!!

If You are doing transit:
the #152 from Lougheed/Coquitlam stations is the bus to take.

~~~~~ Thanks a million to Y'all. Munch peeps alike; those who have attended in the past, and those who are attending now and still to ALL Munches and events alike. And i and many others, look forward to meeting new people at these wonderful meet and great munch thingys. It is a warm and comfy place to get to know people outside of the play ground, and learn what life is like without looking at the naked bumm and having the attention taken away from one's self. It is also a great way to to make "play dates" as well, or even pass on toys if missed at the parties.
We all realize not everyone attends Munches. But some times, so some people, this is a great way to gain a comfort level for public play as well. And for others who can't always make play parties on the weekends, it is a great way to socialize with others during the week with Their fellow pervs. We all have our reasons for attending, and We shouldn't be ashamed for doing so just because someone doesn't agree with what You do or attend. So please keep attending if You can, and don't think twice about what someone else is thinking about that event..... that is just Their opinion.

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