Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Is Summer Almost Here Yet?

One would almost think that summer was finally here by the sun we had last week. But then this week brings the rain, and a lil bit of the grey sky around. Now not that i don't mind a bit of rain now and then, as it does cool me off and water the plants ( and that is less work for me in the garden ). But when everyone is looking forward to the summer sun right now, it is kind of a disappointment to many.

Now me being one who used to be quite the sun worshipper and have the tan that made me look like i fit in with the country of Africa...... i enjoy the cooler days a lil more now, and that is due more to outside influences more than anything and not my own doing. W/we all need a lil vitamin D though, more natural then what you get out of a bottle off the vitamin shop shelf. It does do the body good in many ways, as long as you don't over do it and take care of your skin while you are at it.

So here is to the summer ariving finally!!! Neked sun bathing!!! And camping days ahead of U/us all, to which i know i am going to getting into this year and very much looking forward to. Yipeeeee.

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