Thursday, June 19, 2008

OMG! i found the BOOP in my own back yard.

OMG!!!!Boop Heaven i found. And that isn't good for a Boop addict as me.i went to a shopping mall (will not say which one, as i do not have their permission to post it here.,.... and i think i might die if i think about it toooo much) to get my mind of my poor pa who is not well with pneumonia right now. This was just a few days ago, and had a few things to pick up. And instead of just runnin to my regular marketplace or natural store, though the mall would get my mind off a few things.
Well it did.As i walked around looking for a store that used to be there a few years ago hoping i might find it again...... my eyes popped out of my head. Drool started to drip down my lil face, and i think there was a slight shiver over me. To my eyes, and hearts delight there was the Boop, and even some Monroe. All sorts of things, from lugage to licence plates, even shot glasses and keychains. i had to check my pulse just to make sure that i was still there, and i wasn't dreaming all this.Now this is not a good thing for a lil girl like me. Being a bit of a betty whoor, yes i will admit that.
<<< standing tall while saying that as well.

So i thought what harm would it be for me to just walk in and have a lil looky loo. HA! OMG. i was in heaven, or i could have died and gone there and not minded one lil bit. The Boop was everywhere, in every corner i could see, on every wall, in every case, even in sticker form. Yup, this is my new home. Sad, yes, but true. Not good for me to have found this lil oasis, no, but a girl has to have a fetish of some kind besides the shoes in her closet.hehehehehe. Though i do have many pervy fetishes, many can contest to that. but the Boop Rocks!!!!!There was almost a moment i think, that if i were in a greater mood.... i probably could have cumm. Shhhhh.

More to come on this lil story some day.Just need the straight jacket to keep me out of there for a while now.

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