Sunday, October 17, 2010

Tomorrow's Walk To Remember

I’ve been home almost a week now…. Just a few hours away. I have rested a ton, played with birdie, seen doc, sung with birdie, gotta go back to doc, fed birdie tons of birdie bribing foodies, got papers together so package is almost ready to go to lawyer, chatted my head with birdie, and then spent a couple hours on phone with family members last night - to which drained me enough to not have the energy to go to a wicked Hollow’s Eve Kink Party at Rascals. Grrrrrrrrr. And sat here and found ever squeal know to parrots everywhere with birdie (he likes loons). Next please. I don’t think I want to be where these family members are putting me, I am not wanting to be that person…. At least not right now.

So while I waited an extra few days for paperwork down south I missed so much. I missed the wedding of the year that I should have been at, their like family to me. Must make that one up some how, not sure yet. Kinda missed turkey day dinner, and no one saved me any…. Now I’m hurt…. But considering they just had the wedding a couple days before, understandable. I still want my turkey while I’m in town, and I will get it. I have a good way of pouting, and it just might work. Either that or I will cry on the train back down south next month, and never eat turkey again. *grin*. Oh, no the paperwork was not worth it. No I didn’t get into what I needed, and now have at ton more work to do. ARG!!!!

This is going to make a most excellent book when I am done. Not sure if to make it like a novel, or a manual. Right now, soap novel sounds good. But the manual is excellent, as it is going to help others one day on what not to do…. And how to get around corners when there seems no way through.

And as I type this… I finally have birdie on the one finger wag…. Of shut up or I’m going to stick you in the corner finger wag. It works, but don’t tell him that.

There is so much to talk about…. So much I haven’t put in here in soooo long, and yet I am not typing away about it all. Not sure why; I think it is more due to not having the energy, and also knowing that once I get started my fone is going to ring yet again with another family member wondering when gram’s service is going to be. When all I want to be doing is out walking, breathing in clean air (ya I know that second part is hard to find here). Or better yet, I think Timmy Ho’s is on the menu this week….. Haven’t been in so long. Miss my Timmys.

Tomorrow’s another day. Always another list to go off of, another fone call to make, argument to have, demand to send off (but likely know that it won’t happen), and another walk to remember. Yes, tomorrow’s walk…. That I am looking forward to.

Here is something that I think made my night... such a cutie she is, such a good girl!!!!
Yes!! Got to love it when they listen.... Open  your shirt, and bare it! Now dodn't say a word while I write in sharpie on your chest. *grins*

Yes there is fun at those Salem Munches. shhhhh.

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