Saturday, May 21, 2011

Strange Dreams During Mooning.

I have so many things I want to post before this... but can't get this out of my mind this morning.
I don't know about any other womyn out there have this same issue.... but... When I start moonin, I sometimes have the strangest dreams. All good, but different.
Not sure what it all has to do with. It could be the extras hormones added in the mix, or maybe just because I am super horney right before and during the first day or so. But I've had some doosies, and well quite franky really goooood ones. And last night was no acception, and maybe further into this weekend or week cumming, I might actually post it. Will have to wait and see.

And as per a previous post a wee back.... Sex while mentruating..... I did some more research on this and the health benifits.... and will post that in the next few days as well.

OMG.... I can't believe why I wake up like this during the full moon serious. Some day I might have a hold on it, but for now.... go with the flow.

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