Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Why We Torture Ourselves

Life has gotten away from myself sadly...
But... that is now to change back. Between busy schedule, cleaning 2 homes, fixing and moving, working a vanilla job, and has gotten so off I've only had only a few times to beat and torture xomeone. Don't get me wrong, yes I have set aside a few times to release while helping those subjects release. But just not enough. My own torture.
Though I do have that someone to beat and torture me. Which is devine, in multiple ways. but I do so lovemaking someone squirm, squeel and cry out in painful pleasures from my mind and hands, that the balance is off in myself.
How do we as Sadists let this get away from us? Simple..... Life. Yes, some of us attempt to live BDsm 24/7, but truly that is not completely possible. I am not living 24/7 for numerous reasons, though I am in my true me when ever I am able. In my own core not having this release time in its self....... self torture. But not in a good way. I soon will change this. Life will settle back into what I call normal, routine returns, life flows. And with tgat my core being flows.
back to the pervy. Back to myself. Less self torture. More pure torture from my mind and body to another......

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