Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Gotta Sing!!!!!!

It's been far too long since i've gone out singing. Far toooooo long. i need a good karaoke night, and just let loose. Maybe have a few wobly pops to give the courage up, if so needed..... as sometimes that might be the case, it's been a while.
But how does one find the peeps to go with. Yes this may be self tourture for some, and not all are into it. But who cares, it is just letting loose and being free. Young at heart, and not giving a care to the world of who hears you. As in most cases.... anyone that is in the place but whom is with you, does not know you.
So i sit here wondering why more people in this wonderful lifestyle of O/ours....... when most of U/us put ourselves out there for all to see in more ways than one, and in some cases neked..... don't cum out and sing for their souls. Not only is it healing, but freeing.
So should i put out the chalange to those out there. Cum and sing with me, or just make me dance.
Well i'm off to bed. Contemplating Barbies popularity at this moment in time, and if i should take her for my next hike in the bush when the rain lets up. hmmmmmmm..... lose her. shhhhhh.
Til the next time.
The vamps came and drained me. omg did they.
They will be back. grrrrrr.

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