Monday, December 15, 2008

Lovely Snow and Winter Time Perviness?

Winterizing the yard and house...... oh what joy so go tell it on the mountain.

Well thank gawd the composter is here now. Just as i finnish the old yard last week, the ikky snow showed it's beautiful face and befelled a could inches on us. To which though quickly disappeared within the rain that followed, and didn't go away for a while. Then as we get out nice lil dusting of dry stuff, which is extremely more welcoming that the last example we had, i managed to get the compoaster in it's wonderful lil spot right on that first layer of pretty snow. Finally somewhere to make my wonder garden food. woo hoo. Now just have to find the time to finish the trimming and racking, but the driveway is so done. And the rest of the house is coming along finally as well, slow but true.

Now if i could finnish unpacking!!! And find the rest of my dishes, that would be a true blessing in disguise. Think i can follow that yellow brick road, just need that friggen flying carpet to go with it.
Pervy times will be here again.
Poky things.... wondering where those poky things are. *sigh*.

So i managed not to get surgery on my poor lil grey eye. Tis a good thing in one way, then not so great in another. i will reserve my opinion in a few more months when it heals, or up to six as the specialist said. It is not like i need to see properly, nor do i have to worry when i need to re-do the lens' due to a change now. And i can wear my aquas when i need to in the pool......... with numerous drops to take it out.......
So off to the pool finally tomorrow. Rather tired of the weight i put on during this move, and not getting out for walks and the pool all the time as i was. Grrrrrr. i certainly need to get back in my routine, though my walking is going to be different... not sure how i am going to work that one out.
Now only if i could work in those poky things...... hehehehehehe.

i am torn in something.... i am not sure what to do. In one end there is something missing, and i know i deserve more..... i am worth more. But i also have to think of the other end as well.
What will it take to fix this? How long? Is there a right way?
i hope i have the answers soon..... i don't have much time... and this does affect my perfectly pervy life.

Life has a funny way. As my world turns...... soon to tell...

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