Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Move-In With lil d's New Toy

Well is has been a while since being in here. Far to long as some would say, and just been time as others. Wwe all have our lives to live, and some times things take us away from the net and writings that are a lil less important than others. Though there have been many a change since i was last in here typing away, quite a few changes…. i hope i can get them all in in one shot without forgetting and having to cum back and add more later. Though i am sure i will, and that always just adds for more juicy info to read on.

i have moved into my own home!!!!! OMG what a wonderful thing to have happened, and life change. Yes, i have my own place. Though i do have a couple of wonderful roomies with me, this is still me own lil wonderland to live and call my own. It has been far too long that i could call a home my own, let alone have my name on it as well. It is a wonderful, healthy happy lil (big) home. That suites not only myself, but the others that are here with me. And to my surprise, the house that was built into the lower floor is perfect for the person that moved in down there. No it is not a suite, it is a house. Rather gorgeous if you ask me, better at most points then the upper….. but i still like what i have here.
It came with built in lifts for the one main roomy to which this main move was done for. Though i had planned on moving at some point as it was, i was searching just not finding something yet for just me. Not only does it have the lifts, it is set up in many ways for her so she can manage around this home without distress. i found the perfect home for a person with challenges to every day life, though normal in many ways she is. i am privileged to have her here, as she is such a bright spirit to have around… very much like myself… maybe sometimes too much. But i do believe that is why we get along so well, we are much alike.
And the other roomy is a perfect balance for us both. she is great to have around when she is here, and I can’t wait to spend more time with her and have some great times around the house here. she is such a great person, and so caring in many ways… that I know everything is just going to be so wonderful here…. i look forward to a long happy time here. she is so full of light, but yet calming. Just what the doctor ordered.

i am looking forward to my long life here. Never moving again, here to stay.

Now that I am here…… the move was taxing. Stressful, and i even managed to hurt my eye in the process some how. Not even the eye surgeons could figure it out, so off to the specialist 3 weeks later i went. i have a scare on my beautiful grey eye, and i am not happy about it. i have missed out on more pervy parties than i can count, and i haven’t even gotten any real action over all this either. Moving sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But on a good note………. my new toy arrived today!!!!!!!!!!!
Woo Hoo! And is he/she ever beautiful. All shiny and smooth, yet bumpy with a lil color as well. Clear, and just ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. i can’t wait to find the perfect time to break this one in, not sure when, but can’t wait. Been waiting for this one for a while now, now just need the perfect opportunity. HEHEHEHEHEHEHe. *Rubs hands together* i am such a perv. All it needs now is a name…….. i wonder if i should hold a “naming contest”, or just name it myself. Of course if I do the contest, what would i give the winner/weener? That i guess would depend on if it was a Top or a bottom, and exactly what they could get away with….. or should it just be a direct across the board prize. Hmmmm, makes one think.

Well now that it is way past this lil ms’s bed time…. I should hit the shower, and then the bed. Get the well deserved rest, as one does have to get up in the morning for meetings before the day gets away from us… and then there is the Fraser Valley Munch in the eve to attend as well. Last one of the year – 2008!!!!

Nite all.. and the sweetest of wickedly pervy dreams………..

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