Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Some Times Life Can Surprise You and Be Funny Sometimes.

Life is funny sometimes.... no really it is. Yes I maybe going through a tough time on a personal family note, and yes being distanced from many of my closest friends doesn't help... but I do have a few around me to keep me going at times. But what I am truly looking at is different things and people that have come back into my life from way back when, and how it is a good thing.

Take for instance an ex lover of mine. We shared some absolutely wonderful times together, some involving whip cream and choco sprinkles. I don't regret any part of that, as I can still look back and smile and be thankful for all that happened during those last couple of years I spent in my home town. some time all be it a wee bit tanked and having too much fun stool walking through our favorite pub, other times hanging with the boys (and some girls) and singing song great songs together. It was sad when I left, thinking I wasn't going to see this lover of mine again. Moving south, to camp on the water, into my beloveds arms. Though with the thought in my head of how glad I was that for a moment in time, something I know I will never have again.
So what is even greater about all of this is the now. So after all these years, and the odd call between each other so few and far apart.... we find each other yet again on a BDSm site. Well I'll be a birds butt in flight if I down fall from the sky from shock, but is it really. My lover not knowing who or what I was when they were with me, and me not knowing that they were pervy as well. What makes it even more interesting is the sex, and words said between us, the lil things.... all adding up to the final equation. We should have know. But maybe that is a good thing, as if we did would that have changed things. It might have, made it different. We were on equal ground, and I liked that between us. And oh boy!!!! Did I like it..

Now coming from where I did one is usually discrete about their pervy lifestyle. Or at least back then they were, as now it is a lil more out in the open. I was very young when I knew I wasn't your average nilla girl, and that I certainly like my adrenalin rushes and pain. But there was so much more to it than just those, it was the space I was in. Not many could help me with that up there, and it wasn't something you just advertised in the local paper for or shouted in the street. This being before the age of chat in the net world, and hooking up online. Yes we did have a few of us that knew who we were, and I learned from a select group of wonderful people from near my home of the do's and don'ts. This is where I was trained in the Old Guard ways.... to must delight of many when I got older. But I also learned of who I was at that time, and explored. I was very much a needle/poky girl back in my child to teen years, and I grew to something far beyond that as time went on. I don't think I would be where I am today if I hadn't had that time to  blossom and become, not if it was all in my face like a kid in the candy store. And I am very happy and lucky to have had the time to explore with all that I could, and with whom when I could. I remember my first girlfriend before I was 11, though I had been with a girl even before that. I'm still shocked my parents never caught on to whom I was that one Hollows Eve when I went as half man half woman, I was 8/9 and my sitter helped me with the costume. Yes she knew, and was open and honest with me about things if I asked.... but only if I asked. As funny as that is, she was a bi fem. Life is funny that way.

Being such good friends with this ex lover of mine now as we found each other in such a wonderful place (Fetlife) makes me smile. They are happy in their life, married for a second time to finally the right person... who is their sub/bottom. They make a wonderful loving couple. And Knowing that we will always be such great friends, no matter what. We can look back on our past and smile, and remember  how good life was then..... and some not so good.... but also see how good it is now. That lover of mine is now more Leather than ever, which makes me happy... and finally I can talk to them about my life and all that is in it... Yippee! Share ideas, and everything that is going on. And some day, I hope, get together with their sub, and just hang. Kinda like we did way back when, with no pretence, and knowing that we are such great friends..... and always will be.

Thank you friend for all that you were, and still are. You still make me smile when I think back in time, as many others do from then. Just wanted you to know that. And yes life isn't always peaches and cream, but if we stop to smell the roses.... we can still hear the songs that they sing.

Isn't life funny that way......

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