Sunday, August 22, 2010

We're Not in Kansas Any more Toto

Yes I did change the look of it in here.... I thought it was time for a change. I've cut off my mane just to touching the shoulders, and changing a few things around me.... and for some reason just changing a few looks in some thing. And my blog happened to be one of them. Hope it looks wonderful, as it isn't going any where for a while. No, not a depressive thingy going on in this one.... I love the pic. One of life's best forces at work, and there is no stopping it. Electrical currents coming from the sky, sharpening the water below ( or rather what once was water). Nature.

So I haven't posted for a long while. First off I haven't had a working laptop for a long while, which made it hard to keep posts up and running. Second, life has taken over my pervy life in many ways. And sometimes one has to put the pen down for a while, and just make notes elsewhere when there is time. My focus has been on other obsticals, and ce la vie. Just have to keep living, and putting one foot in front of the other... and smile while doing so.

I'm sitting here in my Granda Jessie's house in Salem...... listening to Portus Head right now, as it's their turn on my mp3. This is the start of month 4 of being here, with just coming back from a month break from being back home in Van BC. I am missing home up there so much, and even more due to the wonderful eve that Gem has planned for the revelers at Rascals tonight. *sigh*. Have tried to take the day off of everything, though it didn't work all day.... worked in the back yard... and then was bored all over again. I haven't stopped since I got back down here a week ago, and I think this is how my body has adjusted. Up far too early in the morning, and no matter how early we were up.... still can't get to sleep till late in the eve.  And if I'm not running around like an ant less a butt, I'm off to Seatle for the day, or Manmoth, or gawd knows where.... traveling away from here no less.  I have become the frequent train rider, if there is such a thing. Never thought that would happen. Now is there a "Mile High Club" for trains? That I do want to know. There have been some hot chicks on the train these past couple of runs, and one guy I might just flirt with just for the fun of it. He was kinda cute, young though... but cute. :). If I could have taken a pick of this one girl, omg.... I would have blown it up and put that on the ceiling. She was hot. Funny, as you don't come across too many like that on the train around here. And yes, I have flirted with a few of them. It has been fun.

It's sort of difficult to think of any thing from that subject when thinking of all what I am here for. Takes all the fun out of it all, and then you wonder is it worth it. Not in the mood for much of anything in that direction, would rather just be..... or maybe, just maybe, float myself for some release. Now that would be sweet, a few pokies stuck in me, that would make my year. Some day soon I am sure. Especially since I've had to move twice, and then have to deal with my dad stuff, and take care of granny too. Yup.... any kind of holiday would be good, and poky is a holiday.
I did bring my whip down with me again. So at least I can get in some practice while here, and see how the new thumb is doing with that.... as long as I don't hurt it too much in the  yard. And will head out to see some friends around this state again soon, and ya never know what will happen. I am going to try to see what I can fit in with my truly busy schedule, as it already has me going non stop. Makes me wonder who is the lawyer, and who is doing all the research and gathering... hmm.

I do believe there is song in there somewhere... I fill find it.

Well finally tired. Finish "Days OF Miss D's Lives" tomorrow.

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