Thursday, November 11, 2010

It Was A Good Day For a Napping..... *Part 1*

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Nov. 8, 2010

In a way this has been one of the best trips back home this year so far. I haven’t been able to do everything that I wanted, see everyone I truly wanted and/or needed, and certainly not everything I needed to get done. But I can say I have done a lot, seen a lot, and just been a lot. I actually have a calm smile on my face just for that alone, though still going to try to make that smile even bigger. I am completely aware that accomplishing everything is not always plausable, I can still shoot for a shorter star and think possitive. Weeeeee. Lol. Of course I have been busier than bill the squirrel cuttin wood for the winter, and yes tired at times, but all is good.

I was kidnapped last week and taken up to Queen E Park up to the Conservartory. Perfect timing for the sun to come out from behind the rain clouds, shine on us, and gift us with a phenominal double rainbow. Just what the doctor oedered, well and the soul. It was a gorgous afternoon all the way to sunset, and worth dropping life for. I took a ton of pictures, and we all walked around and soaked it in. The view was spectacular. It’s those lil moments that warm you, and let you know that life is so full of a few small gregarious and wonderous moments……. To be shared with those that appreciate the lil moments.

I had got to thinking about some Water Bondage up there…….perfect place for it really when you look at it all and get to thinking. Not too far down the path and hill some most excellent spots for suspension in the trees, I don’t think anyone would notice…. Do you?

I didn’t go to Rascals after all. I ended up on the phone with family down south, and having to deal with those matters and answering questions and anything else you might gather in that, that is drained me by the time I was to be already on my way there. So missed the party I wanted to go to, I am going to have to make up for that one. And I will. I haven’t attended anything here on the party aspect, though I did finally make it to the Tri-City Brunch that I organize here…. Enough to make my month. And the week into that actually made the Fraser Valley/Surrey Munch, and managed to see so many between the two that I was full. That was a blessing, and nice. Dressed in my working “walk of shame” cloths for the Brunch, as it happen to fall on All Hallows Eve…. Oct. 31st. A few others dressed as well, and it made for a great Sunday! No I didn’t get picks, brought the camera, lacked in the brain power to remember to bring it out. Shhhh. Will get picks of outfit for all to see soon, I promise. Ya….

Got to spend so much time with birdie…. Miss that dude. Took him for a walk around the yard the other day, and someone thought I was strange for doing so. But he was asleep by 6:30pm, so there is some good in there somewhere. Such a funny bird, and so full of characture. Omg. I found a couple new tunes that he likes, so I can almost have a full disco night with him dancing and singing away. Quite entertaining when he gets going, and you can get the right mix.

Went for dinner with a friend at a family restaurant last week. Took the laptop of course, as they do have free wifi available. And did the perv thing, as there is nothing like pervin all those things that you have been talking about for the last few weeks, especially when talking about “The Cone”. We had gotten through most of the dinner without having to worry about anyone seeing what we had on the screen, but then we had a huge table placed by us with 3 children with it. Pouted over that, but had great luck up until then. Even the waitress didn’t mind, and we think the manager came over just to see what we were looking at….get his perv on. *grin.* For the better part of it all, people never seem to surprise me. Human nature to be curious, human nature when it comes to sexual subjects in any form.

Wonderful weekend I just had. The better part being Sunday I do believe, and I can’t wait to repeat it again (love those Sundays, there are never enough no more). Spent it brunching with an old friend who means a lot to me, who always puts a permanent smile on my face. Talked about stories from a few years ago, that sometimes actually get talked about others. And of course one in particular that I like to bring up from time to time, as well I do get a good giggle out of it. And who doesn’t deserve a good giggle; it’s not only healing but funny, even at the expense of an authority like figure. *grin*, okay a few, but who is counting. Yes, I can say that. No, I am not an innocent. Yes, I will probably pay for it one day. No, I am not worried. I think those persons involved should really think about how they fell for it, really. Hehehehehe. Yes, I am stopping there.  No, I am not stupid. I may be who I am, and an damn proud of where I have come to. But I still know my place in the chain, and certainly have my respect for those.

Missed a wedding I was supposed to be at staying down south that wee bit longer to try and get certain things done before coming home. They didn’t get done, due to semantics. And now have other hurdles to jump. Will never miss a wedding again, nor turkey day. Still making up for missing turkey day, even eating my goat cheese with cranberries and cinnamon……. NUMMY! That is another story there, with recipe. Drool.

Going to be missing a few more things. If I haven’t missed enough already, between up here and a few events down south being here right now…. I am going to be missing out on a few more when I go back. Hahahahaha. Ce La Vie!

To Be Continued.........

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