Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Stevie's Snow Day - 01/28/08

Today was a good day. This i can find rather comforting, and maybe i can get a lil more sleep as i haven't truly gotten much of late. My lil dude actually wanted to go out and enjoy some of this wonderful snow that we have on the ground, and maybe even tomorrow he will be out there as well. Though he wasn't his usual snow plow self, he was out there just the same. This put a big smile on my face, and a tail a wagging on him. (View video below).

What actually makes me the happiest is the fact that for the last 3 days he has been eating some food. Though
i have had to use hamburger in the mix of many things in the dish, but it is worth it to get something in his lil body. This beats having to seringe it down his throat, and gawd knows how that made me feel let alone him. And with having to pick up anorexic food for dogs/cats just to get some calories in him, you know it is bad. Yes they do make food for anorexic animals, i was just as surprised as some of you are right now. It's called Prescription A/D, and comes in a lil tin of 5.5 oz for about $2 a can, and you can only get it from the vets.... but worth it. But then i alos have him on the ultra expensive new food of Orijen, which he is now finally eating... wet of course. And with all that the can foods to go with it all - Wellness new Zealand Venison, and for now the puppy formula as well for the vitamins that he so truly needs. And to top all that off he is getting tumor shrinking tea three times a day, and some flor-essence. He gets fed 3 times a day, due to the fact that he can't eat as much at once and you have to make sure that he gets his food in him. But it is all worth it, as i can already see the difference in him already. My dude already has some energy back (though not what he is usually like, and not expected), and he is not wasting away anymore as he was.
Does anyone want to dog sit for a week? lol. Kidding.

But i was never so happy to see him playing out in the snow today. It was almost like he was back, a lil slower and older like, but back. Of course when we came back in he had to sit in front of the
heater for a while to warm up, as he doesn't have the meat coverage on him anymore. And he moved the pillow around to the spot that he wanted, right under my nose. And with his "but aren't i so cute please don't move me" look, i had to just take a pick and leave him be. He then drifted back off to dream land, and rested some more. This he does a lot, and i can understand... the more the better i am thinking. Get better dude, and rest is what the body needs to do this. Just don't rest too much, as you need to get out and about as well. Which he is finally doing. Yipeeeeee.

Dr. Krakauer's assistant called today to make sure all was good with him. To follow up on my call-in that i do, and let them know what all is happening with stevie. She will be calling on saturday to check in with me, and to let me know what meds/holistics we are going to do next with him that i have on hand here. And what is the best road to go next, and what changes i should watch out for if any. Of course we will probably be talking about the scan, and when it will be done and how much. And what stevie's options are, and what can be done of course. But we won't know much until we do all those other tests, and what kind he has. Crossing fingers here, especially if i can mange to shrink the fucker first.:)
Well here is to another good day. i am looking forward to tomorrow, and hoping that i wake up to a waggy tail. i think i will start to call him Mr. Wiggles. lol. shhhh, don't tell stevie that. i just caught him in the corner of my eye going for the other heater in the lil hall down here, and doing the look of "it's time for bed now ma". i should take him out for his last lil pee as he just had his lil late night snack a while ago, and get him in bed as myself. Sending my bud all my love, and hugs all around to everyone i can...... the whole wide world if i can.

BB to everyone!!!

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