Tuesday, January 29, 2008

To Pierce or Not To Pierce This Year.

My thoughts this year was that i was going to go and get my foopher pierced finally. YES, my foopher. i can't get a new ink done, for good reason at this time (but soon enough i am sure). And i can't get louise re-pierced yet, as i am sure i would reject at this time ( so i wait with baited breath until that time cumms again). But life has seemed to throw a road block in the way, and i have to focus my funds and life on other things. But it would be about this week that i would be doing so, as it is coming around that time of year that i tend to go and hide. Then i wonder what the heck is a girl to do....... a masochist that just wants to pierce something. lol. i know i could sit here and count out how many whip cuts i could get done, but that only lasts for so long. Yes it is incredibly nummy, but it all goes away and isn't that piercing on ones foopher that makes that smile last for ever. Just start with the one piercing, then work up to getting about 6 more done on the outers so one can have lacing done with a pretty ribbon. :)

Now some might ponder the sanity in me at this point. i am in perfect sound mind here, and hopefully body. It is a craving, a need not just a want, and i dream about it all the time. In a way as if it was already there, but i know it isn't. *sigh*. Some day it will be, and i can't wait. When it is right, it will happen. Until then, i will settle for those 37+1 whips i guess.

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