Monday, October 20, 2008

What is Mensa Sex? Where did those leathers go?

So i am finally sitting here taking a bit of a break for the day. Something that is well needed, and rather a lil late in the whole week to two weeks going on. Drinking a hot toddy with drunken honey, with lemon tea and drunken honey. Trying very hard not to cough, and feeling how tired i really am........ ok so i ran myself down. Not a good thing, and i will probably get a lil shit from the doc when i see him. And i hope this cold goes away faster then they usually do, as i have way too much to do - with lil help and lil time, and still trying to figure out how to get all the cleaning done when the contractors are done at the new place and over here. Phew. i packed my riding leathers on a sunny day on Saturday.:(( i just hope if i get a call for a ride, i can get them out fast enough. And to top it off - my sister from another twister was having all that fun at the Toy Run in Rupert without me, as i would normally be there helping out every year when i lived there. Made me realize how much i miss that home, especially since a brother just died a month ago. When one loses family such like that, it makes you think about what life was like and what you want out of it.... where will it go. Wishing i was was there to be with his wife, as i know she could use the people around her. They were always there for me, even when running the 1/4 mile in Kitamat.... wish i could be there for her now. Now i really have to think about that road trip, or ferry trip... what ever works best as long as it isn't flying on a plane. :-/Now i am sitting here waiting for chicken dinner with veggies to be done. So i was scrolling through my main home page, and thought i would go and see for a change who was pervin my profile. And one of the Doms that had been there a couple weeks ago had a tag line that rather caught my eye, and then had me thinking just a lil too hard for my brain today....... "Mensa Sex- Into pushing the edge and exploring most fantasies and fetishes." My question is: What the heck is Mensa Sex? Now a mensa can be two things. Either an "Altar Slab/Stone" that has to do with the astronomy of the southern constellation near Octans. Or...... of course as most people would know the most widely know definition, an international fellowship organization for people with IQ's in the top 2 percent of the general population. Now this has got me scratching my lil head here. i can think of a few things done on an altar stone, things i have done myself... shhhhh. But i have not come up with an idea of what an IQ driven human can do with sex, unless they use their smarts to make someone cum. Knowing a few select nerds myself that come up to that category, and maybe in Mensa, i don't think that sex really is something that they equate to a study they would want to conquer. Not unless that is a major, and it will get them further than any other subject. The science of it, or even the equation of how this leg goes that way, and your hand can do this at this angle while your tongue does this... all the while the cum comes at a ratio to the thrust of the source that is equivalent to X+YYx2(68+1)=100xyz. Sorry that just had to be done. And if someone can cum up with the answer to that, have i got a special bonus for Yyou.=D% If anyone out there has this answer for me..... please help me out. Even my lil brain can not cum up with the pervy thought on this one, and why someone would bring Mensa into sex in the first place........ hmmmmm. Back to my cold killing tea. Chicken healthy dinner. Packing and cleaning. Yipeeee..... not.

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