Monday, October 13, 2008

Tired, house hunting, sickies, to blood let or not to blood let.

Can house hunting be considered as tourture?i think it should be. i could not count how many homes i booded at, but if i look in my lil book..... way too many. And that is just the ones that i wrote down, not counting the ones that i didn't write the good stuff on.

When looking for suitable homes that are not just for myself.. it can be rather trying. Though when found, exillerating in the end. Especially if it is the perfect one. And signing those lil papers, saying it is yours, almost that lil high one is seeking for on the good days. Now i can't wait to move in, and make it home. Though with all the construction going on downstairs, it will need a lil cleaning and dusting prior.The whole basement is being converted into a two bedroom house. It should look wonderful when it is done, and with it's own fire place as well.... cozy as well. i just hope i can find perv friendly, or pervy, peeps to live there. lol. That can be fun. Crossing the lil fingers.

Now that most of the stress is over.... maybe some of these hives will go away. i look like poo. i won't go into the G.A. patches, too many scares already and now growing more. But i have completely broken out in hives, from what i am not sure. i think i need the tropical holiday, though the sun might prove troublesome. lmao. Just thow me in the blue sea with a surf board, and let me be with the fishies. It is starting to get rather cold here now to be swimming in the ocean, brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Not the kind of self mutilation i am looking for these days, especially if i want to keep on breathing.
In the old days if one wasn't feeling well in any form the healers/doctors would 'bleed' the person. This forcing the immune system into action, in the hopes that it would fast track to heal it's own self. Now being of a medical background myself with a fare bit of knowledge, i know this does not work for everything, and the percentages of people that passed from this precedure far out weighed what good came out of it. But when i look at what most of Uus practice in our lil Lifestyle today, and how some of Uus use our own ways to make us feel better..... is this not a form of 'bleeding'.... but with out so much blood letting (unless one is into that sort of practice). This thought actually had me thinking earlier today. i had a docs appointment last week, and he had gotten on my case about how tired i was. In other words - get more rest, because if i don't we all know what happens when i get too tired. Then i get all sicky, and things go down hill from there.... no matter what i do. Though i could some times sleep a min. of 8 hours a night some times, and still need that nappy in the afternoon ( i know of a one person in particular who understands this one), it doesn't matter what one does to try to get that rest - you are still tired. So my thought was if we were to use a form of bleeding, or forcing the immune system into helping itself. After all the reading i have done in the last year, i have a few theories on this one. i know how i feel after even just a good play, and how long that good feeling lasts for. Could this not work in other ways, even if a play was not used... and not having to use bleeding as the resort.?????

Just one of many thoughts in my lil head. Might just have to ask the doc about this one when i am back in his office, won't that one raise his eyebrows. lol. i think the shock factor should be enough to get his own immune system going, then maybe a form to put me in the padded room. lmao. Of course he wouldn't, but he would certainly wonder where my head was going at this point and why. i would point him to my skin doc, then my immunologist, and have a chat with them..... maybe they all could get together and figure it all out. And then i could right a paper on it, and get published, win the pulitzer, make a million and become famous. ok, yes it has been a long week. But it would certainly kick those "book" doctors in the tushka, don't Yya think.......Then Wwe could have Sm as a healing practice. Something of every day life, something that is not looked appon as 'dirty' in a nilla's eyes. i like dirty, but not their kind of dirty. And then "vanilla" would be something of the past, something that would be written in dusty old scrolls burried in the Dead Sea. But best of all........ anyone who is not feeling well - would feel all that much more better. As it would be considered medical practice, and something that one could do without having to worry about persicusion. All those with arthritis unite! All those who's bones ache, get up to the whipping pole! All those with bad immune systems, i have a needle or hundred for you, and then a good whipping! hehehehehehe.

Now i just need to find my own form of bleeding.... And for those who have mooning in Yyour head, please remove it. i am serious here, and dealing with both sexes.

Speaking of sexes..... for those men out there that think most women don't know squawt about construction, or even anything to do with renos on houses...... we are all not like that. For the guy who thought i didn't know about about vapor bariers - you obviously don't know a thing, as you were trying to tell me to make sure that they put that in. And actually breaking it down for me, as if i don't even know what that even is. Ummmmm. They aren't replacing the siding on the house, they are doing the walls on the inside.So please guys, give us women a lil more credit then what some of you do. pffffft.

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Dekaritae said...

Oh noes, I'm just used to my thoughts coming out in a manner lacking in straightforwardness and then having to explain my meaning. I meant no slight against ye knowledge base