Monday, October 27, 2008

Does Aanyone Do Windows? Or have a Truck....

i have come to the conclussion how much i truly hate moving. Yes it is the most stressful thing one person can do to their bodies... this has been proven in the medical world. But it is all the other lil stuff that goes around it, including the cleaning... and i will not go into how to pick up the belongings and furniture...Does anyone out there have a truck to pick up a hand made bed for me????????

What i could use, now that i said bye bye to my footboy due to his rather bad tasting "memememememememe" attitude, is someone that doesn't mind doing windows. lol. Yes, windows. There are a few windows to get washed in the new place, most in the celarium, that need to get washed in and out. And i have not had the time to get to them, let alone certain other things that need to get done.......... grrr. Most people say that they don't do windows, i do on normal basis. i just don't have the time, as i am having a rather hard time trying to keep up with anything else. Packing is the worst with all the running around i am having to do, back and forth and all over the place.... and conferences (and i just put one right off this past weekend - bad me, but needed to). The next one, i can not get away with that... and that is the whole first week of Nov, and boy am i going to be tired after all that. Needs my bed before then. lol.

Yup, am i glad this is my last move. Though i will still be going back and forth to Was., have a home in the Cascades at my pa's. But this is it for here, unless i win the lottery and get that nice home on the riviera and in the Baha. woo hoo, surf for breaky. omg that would be the life.
Well off to try and get some more boxes, run around, and numerous other poo i have to get done. Never enough time in the day for moi, and i need more hands that what i have. Medical steps in a few hundred years i think.

Huggers to those who aren't moving.....

*** i just realised... i should probably change my profile in here as well. Completely forgetting with all that is going on in my life, and how busy it has been. WOW. i will get to that in the next lil while, so please bare with me peeps. Yes it still describes whom i am, and the type of person i am... but NO i am not seeking a Dom... and a few other changes are going in there.
i am going to go re-unite with poky things very soon!!! woo hoo. yipeeee. omg. yes!
If it isn't piercings, and yes i am going to get a couple.... and if i don't get anything else, Elwood is going to have way to much fun with me doing more. i am also going to meet up with an old friend - needle play. Been craving that for far too long these past several weeks, and i can't wait any longer. i think it all has to do with regression, and healing me. As some people know what is going on, and that i need some major healing to do.... and i am going to go back to the begining - needle play (yes i did more than that when i was a kid, fire/wax/and a few other things before i hit 10, but the needles are what gave me life).
So poky things here i come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just got off the phone with Elwood... hehehehehehehehe. Ooooooooooh ya. Nummy. Am i ever looking forward to when i see Him, what a treat that will be. Yuppers.
Wwe also had a lil chat about what was said to me yesterday at the Tri-City Brunch:
Someone had mentioned that there might be a bottom out there that just might be a harder player than i am, and can take more pain.... well Elwood piped up - saying that there should be an event to judge that one. With different events, and judges, and who wins wins. And there would even be a wild card event as well, and i am completely with what He is thinking. hahahahahaha. i think Elwood knows me all too well. hmmmm.
Off to day dream about pokey things.......

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