Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Cont... What a Happy New Years Indeed 2009

.........So it seems that the lil birdies have followed me to my new home. Strange, but true. i was at the old place yesterday, and there is not a bird around... not ever a track. But there were over 10 of the lil guys in the tree just outside of my back deck off the kitchen, and that i find rather interesting and warming. So do i not only have the one lil guy knocking at my front door, they know how to find me in the house as well. Rather cute..... but wondering if i should be disturbed. hmmmmm. Alfred Hitchcock comes to mind here, but with smaller dudes. lol. So when out shopping yesterday for a few things for myself and the house.... and a dear friend here... i picked up a lil feeder and some food. They didn't have the food i would normally get (grrrrr), but i picked up some finch food which will suffice for now until i can find the truly good stuff they love. It has cracked corn and sunflower seeds in it, not just the lil wee stuff in it. Then i spent a good half hour setting up the lil feeder and making sure if will withstand a good mighty wind here, and filled it almost to the brim. So my next task is to finally get out there and shovel off that lil back deck (and the lift for Zepher) in the rain, and get the feeder up. They tore through the bread crumbs and tiny corn crumbs i put our yesterday just on the ledge, so i imagine they will get through this batch fairly fast. Hungry lil guys, with no food source out there.

To top off yesterdays events..... earlier in the day i finally seen the coyote that has been roaming around the neighborhood and making tracks even in my yard. i know for a fact he is having problems finding food around here, but at least he doesn't look mange yet... that is slightly comforting. i am not about to feed him, that would involve finding mice..... i like those lil guys way too much for that task. i love all those lil creatures out there, even the coyotes, but sheesh.... i will go only so far. Maybe he will find a squirrel or two before i plant for the summer season, and my sunflowers come into bloom. Ok, not that i am wishing harm.... but it is nature - and i have to think of my nuts and seeds too. blush

Yes it is a new year......... Now if i can only find someone to get rid of this snow and the tree barf i still have around here....... any volunteers?

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