Sunday, January 4, 2009

Poky Things from Santa, and tree barf for the coal. (from Fetlife)

Dec 27, 2008

Finally got my poky things!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am a happy girl finally. i am going to keep this short, and very sweet as i can... with a sour note on the end. Yes i did get my poky things, and i got them good. With the VW added to the mix, and making me jump a few times...... don't need to do any sit-ups for a few days to work off that choco that i ate making the ginger bread house during the snowed in day. lol. shhhhh.

But sadly after coming home from a most pleasurable couple of days...... i have not only a ton of more snow to deal with, and getting plowed in for the umpteenth time..... i have tree barf not only on the side of the house, on the deck, on the shed (to which needs a new roof..grrr), and on the other side of the house (which is not in a danger zone). All this has to be removed asap, and no one here to do it. The tree dude was to show up today, and his car was stuck. i re-arranged my day for him, and he is a no show. Frig me, so now i have tomorrow to deal with this. And on top of that, stormy weather again on the way. pfffft. Needing two trees down for sure. Knew that months ago, but couldn't do anything about it at that time. Thought i could get away with a few branches after the holidays. Boy was i wrong. lol

poor critters that use those trees. i feel for them. oh ya.... i almost forgot. i think a bird followed me from the old house. Not kidding. i have birdie tracks at my front door, and no where else in this whole yard. It was like he was knocking on my door, and wanting food that i haven't put out for him in the old yard. Crazy dude. Need a feeder now as well, never ends in that part. lol. Silly bird, knocking is for people.

Happy Yule. Happy New Years (if one celebrates that)

See everyone soon i hope..... poo on me missing that big party.... had to shovel snow off the deck, and deal with tree barf. grrrrrrrrr. i am going to go so wild at the next one, they will tie me down and not let me play. :|

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