Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Can we devide this community any more than some people already have? It looks like there are ways, by the way i am looking at it. Sadly.

One doesn't have to go out to China Town and buy one of those absolutely gorgeous dividers in that perfect lil shop that i love to go to... you know, the ones with the beautiful paintings on them. They fold up into one piece, but are three wall pieces when pulled out to view and use for purpose.

Most use them to hide unsightly objects in their house. Or you can even use them to hide a bed in a bachelor appartment, to which is a great way to make a whole other room in those situations.... even if there is more than one room already..... *thinking kinky here*. And think of all those designs one can cum up with to actually paint on the canvas, if you get them blank. hmmmmmm. Yes there is a better way to do things, ways to put smiles on faces.

Or there is always the beaded curtain way. i am sure everyone remembers when they came out, ok at least anyone over the age of 35. Now with those there is a bit of an air of mystery still, as you can see some things on the other side... depending on the cutain and how think is it of course. And curtains today even have their own design on them, some that would put your favorite painting to shame. i have looked at a few of these, and even pondered how a couple would work in my own house. Yes, there is a way to devide in a sixties way. i am just a beatnik, i don't feel ashamed about it at all.

Though some people actually use furnature as a devider. Now this takes tact and art to pull this off, and of course the right pieces to do this with. You can't just take your regular old lazy-boy and expect this to make that oh so wonderful looking wall between the family room and dinning room, especially if there is over 12 feet of space between walls. Where are the subby stools, and where does one place there wine glass? Ok, the glass of a Dom. *pffft* 

Then i think of those stupid looking shrubbery thingys that people think look great between their fences and the road and their yard. Half the time they aren't kept up to par, and the rest they just don't fit in with the decore of the yard or house. And if you are really lucky, there is a wasps nest in one for every block. So if you run out of honey for your toast in the morney, just go to your neighbors... they have a fresh supply in their hedge. Just bee careful not to scare the local residence, you might get stung. And any kind of reaction can cum out of that, and that is not pretty at all. Wasts swarm, and get you in numbers. lil bugers, and if you destroy one nest... they are making a new one 15 feet away from the old one. Smart too. Just in the sence of survival.

Me, i would like to have flowers and and ocean. i know the only thing possible is the flowers all around, with a few cute lil trees. i'll transplant some of those choke berries around my yard from all those shoots, and i have a few extra salmon berry trees growing all over here as well...... nummmy jam. woo hoo. Sunflowers everywhere, and corn. Yuppers, they make great dividers. And if i get enough bird feeders out there, i can even help out the lil guys that keep knocking at my door. i am sure they are starving, as they eat that food like it is going out of style... then they each bring 10 of their friends within a week of that. wow. Love the birdies, hate that fucking squirl that ate up one of my birdie feeders though. He is going to get it, throw berries at him. 

So why can't everyone and everything just get along? Why does everyone have to take over everything, and make sure that even the lonely lil flower at the back of a yard is starved for light.... just so they can get ahead in life and make themselves look and feel better..... i used to think i knew why. i don't any more. i have given up on trying to figure that out, and on trying think that anyone around will care. Because what would seem a person that has your interest in heart, or at least they keep telling you they do (that should be a sign, they keep saying it)... well, there is always another story behind the glued together penthouse pages. Yes is did say that. Why fight, when we really don't have to. Why compete when we truly don't have to. We can all get along, do our things and still get it all in, and guess what.... be friends. omg. what a concept. But i guess this is all what is called human nature, which i still (after 5 years of university) don't understand. i should have gone to college, stayed and did a 3rd year of shop... made my own divider...........


Anonymous said...

Hey lil d, I so hear you and support you during this challenging time of drama and politics. I hope you are doing well, and would welcome a get together, perhaps go for sushi, work in the yard, chat over coffee... thinking of you :)

Lovetobespanked (aka Sharon)

Lil D said...

Thank you lovestobe...... i am doing as well as can be, especially with all the frustration that is goind on as well. Meditation is going a long way right now, so is all the movies i have right now on my digital box for free. woo hoo.
Yes, company is great. And can always use help in the yard, and i always love doing sushi and coffee. Any time hun. Just give me a ring.
Are you coming out to any of the Tri-City Brunch and Munches this week? We can work out something i am sure, if not this week.... something soon there after.

Hugs and thank you for the support.

lil d