Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Who the frig does the "B" think she is.......

I find it rather disturbing that a cerrtain someone in this so called vancouver "community" thinks that she has the right to decide what people can post and say in any group. Especially when she herself is a bully to so many others, and goes around hurting people in as many ways as she can. she states about how a good person goes into a group to post negative posts, and is mad about it and wants Him removed from fetlife..... I think this BITCH should go and read some of the posts that she has posted in the past, particularily in the recent. Actually going out of her way to hijack posts to her amusement with another lil "cunt", making so no one looks good no matter what is said there. Harrassing everyone they can that might have even one word against what they say, but even going out of their way just to start a fight.
But even more obserd....... these two lil childish things.... start their own lil thread talking about what they are doing. Does this negate good behavour? Does this not look like they should be booted from fetlife? I would think so. Their own behavour shows who they are and what they are up to.... and that they have no grounds for what they are thinking they can do with the moderators. If the moderators have any brains, they would ignore this Bitch, and boot her out for her activities.... she has been booted before - and she should not have been let back in. she has dragged her same shit from another online place to this one, which was to be a most wonderful place... and turned it into a mudpuddle that no one wants to be a part of any more. sad... And no one wants to be a part of Vancouver either, that should say something right there. Kick that "thing" out of dodge.

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