Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Is it too hot, or am I dreaming.....

It's been a while since I posted in here. Not sure why, though I know being busy at times when I do think of posting is for a reason for a part of it. The rest there is no excuse, just plain not there doing it. A few things have happened, and still others going on.

Of course I attended my usual yearly Folk Fest recently. What a blast that was, even though they did add a beer garden to it this year. Not exactly what I call folky for this kind of event, but at least non of that part spilled into my folk space. This year we were short one of our crew as she went the day previous, if we had known... we would have gotten her another ticket for the next day as well. Oh well. But at least this year we didn't have to push K around in a wheelchair, and no one was having a heart attach on the other end of the phone that we had to worry about. So all was good, even though I had to leave an hour early. Still down and folky, still rockin. Can't wait til next year, as I am sure it will be better than the last. It usually is.

I still have my puppy! What a wonder that is, as he is doing very well. It is not like Wwe haven't had our moments, and I have looked at him sideways a couple of times...... but still worth working on. I like the fact that he comes when I need him, and does what he is usually told. he is working hard at keeping his affairs in order, just so he can keep up with me, and that I find is what I am looking for. I enjoy his company, and I enjoy spending time with him, it seems to be a lot of fun.... not always so serious, but just what is needed right now. Even though I may have a ton of work to do, I like to make time for him when I can. It is worth while, I just hope he feels the same as I do.
Of course this past week has put me behind on a few things. I am dearly behind on paperwork and data entry, but I am also missing a program that is also hindering part of that. But my boy needed time as well, and I think sometimes we have to make a lil sacrifice here n there. Now I am back to work doing things, after fartin around with this comp trying to get it online for over 4 hrs today. I won't say my frustration level in that one. Then off to do wine. yeh.......

Life in itself has dealt a few lost words for me. It seems that some people who I thought they were, aren't. They have turned out to be something other than, and not something I care to want to know. Talk about stabbing people in the back, and then twisting the blade while at it. I always wondered what it would be like to know people like that, ones who would turn on someone just for their own gain, well I do now. And they are the ones who should be looking in a mirrow, instead of throwing stones in a pond that they know nothing about or put accusations that are standing. Tis too bad really, specially when I thought they were good people. Oh well. Live n learn, and then move on without them. I hope that all involved learn from this, and maybe head some good advice.

My dad still is not in good shape..... grrr. And still doing tests, and not getting proper results. But going under the knife in sept, at least that part is getting dealt with. Though I am still worried, and it doesn't look good at all. So doing all I can from here, and hoping I can get my papers together so I can deal with everything down there. I feel for him, and I wish I could do more from here. Hugs pa.
It's funny though. considering how many friends I have that are so much like family to me, and then I only have a few family members that I actually still call family. I know I am not the only one out there that is like this, and who has dis-owned a family member or two. But sometimes it still gets to me, wondering why I feel this way and why that other person doesn't care. Hmmmm.

As for all those great people in my life... thank you. Your wonderful, and I would do anything for ya... ya know it. See some of you hopefully at BOP, and a few at the D. Picnic. woo hoo!. And before that one, at the parade. Yeh! Such a life in between all the other stuff that keeps us down, have to find the sunshine and smile in between it all. That is what keeps us going.

Now all I have to do is find that guy that loves to drive needles in me....... where art thou poky man?

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