Friday, July 3, 2009

Just a late update

Life has been quite interesting since Mayhem. Very good, and interesting. Though I have been quite tired, and not up to par for the most part. I have enjoyed so much of what I have been up to outside of my regular daily life, and that is about as fun as eating glass some days.

Of course after Mayhem we had the wonderful Diva's Den. Now that was worth every watching moment, and yes a couple of kisses as well. Talk about some great views, and even gorgeous ink on a particular back. Nummy all around. I am not complaining, well maybe that this doesn't happen at least once a month. Of course spending time with some of those great women from Mayhem again made it worth while as well, and it brightened my evening even more. But of course since a certain puppy kept texting me, I made sure that he was at my floor for when I got home. Bad puppy.

Now speaking of puppy........
That lil puppy has been doing quite well. Not only is he trained in Old Guard, which is my way of thinking and growing up, he is very obedient. So my mind is working well with his, and I am having no problems dealing with the lil one. I definitely have to spend some time here chatting about it all, as there is a bit to say about him and all around it. One thing I can say, he has changed how I have been feeling these last several months about this wonderful lifestyle. I think I can move forward in my life, and look at things in a completely different light. I would say that puppy is one worth considering for the future, and I am looking forward to see what it all brings.

My dad has been very ill these last couple of months. Now this is not getting any better, and I am going out of my mind here. It comes down to the docs doing all these tests and not getting anywhere, and him sounding worse every time I talk to him. My step mom (rather ex now) and I have come to the conclusion that it is probably renal failure, with all the kidney problems he has had most of his life.... and stones... yes this is it. And for now all I can do is getting my citizen re-newed asap, and worry about getting down there as soon as possible. Too much paper work to go through, and all that stuff that goes all around it. And of course there isn't a lot I can do from up here, as I have 2 state laws to deal with, and what ever he has in AB. Grrrr. Frustrating. Stressful. When the personal eye rain stops, I think my view will look different. Consulate paper work is not fun, that is all I will say about that now.

Is hot weather today again. And I have to go out into this, and not looking forward to it. Still not feeling all that great after time at Burnaby Gen yesterday, though I think the heat had more to do with the ill feeling then the injections. I am sure that once I get into it all, I will be ok..... then get into a place that is a lil cooler. Yes, it is full summer now. Yeh!

Oh ya....
Happy Cananda Day people.
(slightly belated)

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