Sunday, May 17, 2009

Women Of Mayhem for Me

I had such a great time at Mayhem I didn't want it to end. Not only did I meet some wonderful women from all walks of life and sexes..... I learned more about myself and maybe about the people that are in my life. Yes, I did. This is not a bad thing, but a very good thing. A path I had to walk, and a great and wonderful walk it was. Let's walk it again please.

I have made some great new friendships out Mayhem. I hope I keep these people in my life, as they are some of the most beautiful people I have ever met. Those spirits that rose from their bodies just shawn, and there was no end to it. There was no negativity to them, and their generocity flowed from them like a river of gold. They were open to anything you had to talk about, and open about themselves and were willing to talk about anything about themselves. Not many people I know are willing to just open up about themselves and their lives, just say who and what they are about. This is me, and why I am here and how I got here.... and do it honestly.

Energy flowed all weekend long. One could have powered a city on what I could feel from all that energy, and I fed on it like a hungry animal. It is was kept me going that whole time, right through to the last ending dance.... and boy did I dance. Danced my lil heart out and legs off, and felt that the next couple of days. I saw things in workshops that made me cry it was so beautiful, and a few others as well. And things that made us all laugh and rejoice, but most of all made us want more and crave for it all. And the knowledge of it all, everyone had their own knowledge to share with everyone. That is what made it all worth while, everyone shared with everyone. No care in the world on who it was with, it was shared. Love was in the air, friends were made across bridges, and everyone had a hug for the next person..... Energy!

The funny thing about the whole thing was what was missing that whole 4 days. There were over 200 women there, and a good portion were mooning.... but the most wonderful part of it all is the lack of - or rather non to nothing of drama. Yes, No Drama! Talk about a feat, no drama at a all female event. Something you can't even find at a Pan event, or even in this town mixed with just a few people. We all relished in it, and enjoyed for what it was. Just a most uneventful weekend full of energy filled women of all walks of sex identified and Ds identified people. woo hoo I say. Let us do that all over again, and let us do it again soon.

Of course there is Diva's Den here on Sunday.... ummm ok this is in the wee hours of the morning that I am typing this, so in just over 16 hours. And I am going to be seeing a few of those locals that were at that same conference, and I can't wait. Not only am I going for the girlie show, but I get to see some of these wonderful people that I got to see all weekend. People that I hadn't seen for a long time, people that I had met in person for the first time, people that I had just met.... people I can't wait to see again and spend more time with. What a life, what a way to live.... what a way to just be. Now that is what I call life. Being a woman... no matter how you live it.

I have not felt all that great for the last lil while. Yes my health has lacked due to things beyond my control, and waiting for that call to get those platelets that I need so much to help me keep up with my daily living. Operations are somewhere down the line, and finding a cure for "L" is probably never going to happen, but one can only hope. But I can say this.... for someone who has had such a lack of energy for the last lil while.... I found a ton of it for Mayhem. It was there, and I didn't have to search for it. I am so happy that I was actually able to go at the last minute, and they accommodate me so well. I am so happy that I didn't have to sleep through half of it, or not feel under the weather for even a slight of it. I am so happy that I came out the other side without a worry of my health, and have to go running off to get some energy shot at emerg. And I am so happy that I don't have to go to my docs and explain why I am so tired and under the weather for some other stupid thing I may have done to out do myself for one more time, as I think this actually did me some good for a change. Yipeeeee!

Not only did I have great energy from that weekend, and maybe just maybe I got more out of it than I thought I had bargained..... I think I gained a "puppy" as well. Boy is he ever cute and adorable, and obedient as well. And he spoils me rotten, and all he wants to do is make me feel better. No Top/Dom could ask for anything more out of someone like this, no one. he is a service primarily, but he makes a cute lil puppy. And most of all, he makes a wonderful friend and partner... I can see this already. Yes I do want to keep him, and I hope someday this is for this in time. All will tell time in the future, and I can only hope. But he is the one that ultimately makes the decision, and all I can do is hope that I treat him well enough that he wants to stay. "good boy, good boy", "fetch".

Well......... Now I should take this lil body of mine own and get it off to bed. Take birdie with me, and get him some quiet time as well. Birdie seems to like it more when he is in his lil corner in my room, and is quieter in the morning. So we are off to bed here shortly, and get our lil time together... and have our wonderful wake-up together as well. Such a good birdie, and hopefully come along more quickly from here on in. Got to get that new squawky thingy under control, and get him on a better sched.

To a new day, beautiful women, and good lil doggies and birdies.




Lovetobespanked said...

Hi Beautiful,

I can feel the passion in your words, and it is through your words and guidance that you have shown me how to walk one foot in front of the other, even when we don't think we could take another step.

I really enjoyed our chat recently, it was very supportive and thought provoking that something that we both thought may not be ok, actually turned out to be a potential for a long term friendship, one that I look forward to growing and walking with.

Congratulations on your lil puppy, I think we should all have one :), fur and otherwise.....

Many huggs and kisses,


Lil D said...

Hi Hunny,

Thanks for those kind words btw. Yes I agree with you all the way, and I think about those first chats all the time. I think we will keep this up for a long time coming, and for what ever was provoked is still going quite well. Thank you for opening up.

I hope I can give you all that you need to keep going. Just keep looking in the direction that you find suites you best, and get back up when you stumble. All I can do is give suggestions, and answer all those questions that you have for me.

Yes, I am enjoying that puppy muchly. We all must get together soon, do a tea or something. As you weren't available to make the munch, there is a way to do a get together. Hope all is well on your end, and hope this is finding you well. You are a beautiful person, don't you ever let anyone let you think otherwise.

Tons of hugs and kisses,

Lil D