Saturday, September 26, 2009

Sunday Brunch - Tri-City - Sept. 27th

Greetings Fellow Kinksters & Munchie's, There is a brunch this coming Sunday Sept. 27th. Usual time of 11:30-am till when ever in the afternoon, and meet up with cassey and Friends (and if I can make it when I'm on-time as some would gaggle about). Hopefully usual spot up top beside the bookshelf, behind the fire. If not just down below. It is the 'monthly' (The last Sunday of EVERY month)Tri City Brunch held at the John B Pub. Excellent food, wonderful people, awsome service, cute too, and just a wonderful day to be. Here is the food information for the Tri City Brunch There is a huge spread of food for pretty munch everyone's tastes out there. Delectibles from here to the caspian sea, and sweets and fruit to compliment. There is several salads, and fresh veggies for the munchies. Pure Nummmyness. It is worth the cost. And you can order from the menue after 12:30 pm. if the buffet is not for you. Tri City Sunday Brunch ! Sunday, Sept. 27th, 2009 11:30am to 1:30pm or so (til late afternoon) John B Pub 1000 Austin Ave. @ Blue Mountain Coquitlam, BC. ! Wwe sit up top on the back side of the fireplace, against the window wall to the right, left if facing out of the bookshelf. Look to Yyour right when walking in, and Yyou should see Uus in the distance. Teddy Bear is almost done for identification. If not, pls ask a server. *Again pls try to inform or email me if Yyou can, as i can have enough seeting for Aall. Please email me here or @ or Hope to see Yyou there. Have a great week and weekend Kinsters. Kinky Regards BB lil d *PS** Next Brunch is: Sunday Oct. 25th, 2009. *****The Next Tri- City Munch is Wed. Sept. 30th

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