Monday, April 18, 2011

And life starts a new chapter.........

I have gone through some serious life changes lately... some I care not to repeat, some I am soo happy that it makes me smile. I guess I would be starting a new chapter in my life, and hope this one never ends.

I met a couple of wonderful people in the last while. A woman that I can't wait to get my hands on and all over, and tongue too. she is just so bright and sexy, that I can't stop thinking about her and what all not only I can do to her but what we can do together. Oh yes I am taking her to the dark side, and to may other places she hasn't been before. I certainly hope that this one never ends, no matter where I end up in life.

I have also met someone else that has put thoughts in my head I didn't think were ever going to be there again. Thoughts of letting this person Dom me in all sorts of ways, Mastering me when I need it. I am never going to lose this Mistress in me, that is there now and is there to stay. But the thoughts of having this person not just Top me, but to actually take me and own me... that is something that has my juices running. And so refreshing, yes a wee scared, but refreshing in many ways.

When I was called pet for the first time by them several weeks ago..... it sent feelings through me that made me all warm and fuzzy inside. Yes I want to be their pet, I want to be their lil girl, I want to be what ever they tell this wench to be. And if they so chose to "punnish" me every day for no reason, plssss do. Spank me, make me your toy, tell me all the dirty things you want to do to me, make me do your whim and will, put your hands on me and reasure me of everything and making me feel safe. Take me to those places that I haven't been in so long, and let me know who you are. These are many of the thoughts going on through my head. But yet also letting me have my freedom, as this is who I am now and need to be. What is great about it all is that they embrace me for who I am, and what all I want to do... which includes still being me.... Mistress D.

There is a smile on my face now just thinking about it all. Something that has been hard to have there, and is great to know that just the thought of them makes me smile. Yes think so rather pervy thoughts, but knowing that they are in my life........... that is something to be said.

Now don't get me wrong in thinking that I haven't forgotten all those that are still in my life right now. There will always be something there with us, and I don't plan on tearing myself away from them. Nor will I forget them, and who they are to me as well. But for some moot, but wonderful reason, this new person has got my body wanting so much more right now. And I am very much letting it all in, and loving every minute of it.

To these 2 new wonderful people in my life... thank you ever so much.


Lil D

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