Friday, April 8, 2011

Very short update

So my hair is growing longer, and the rain hasn't conpletely stopped.... but I am still thinking perfectly pervy thoughts........ Have had some interesting conversations lately. Some cleaner than others, and well down right great no matter who they were with. I will leave out all the new sad stuff, as well since xmass there has been more loss and nothing I truly needed.
Life is lovin throwing me a curve or 6..... now if I could just get my curves under control and call this all kinky. Doing lots of writing, and hope to find not only solice but a wonderful outlook to paths in all this.  And yes, still thinking of telling my sister that I'm queer and lovin it...... though after the loss after xmass, think I will leave that for a lil while longer.

If it's not raining tomorrow... into the garden, whishing I could go in short shorts here.... but not only is it not warm enough yet, but the eyes around here would not approve. lmao... oh could I shock them.

Going to go be me.....

ta for now

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