Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sex and Menstruation (The Moon)

Sex And Menstruation (the Moon)

A couple weeks ago I was listening to one of my favorite radio programs and getting some great thoughts out of it. During the week, for a couple hours each night, a famous rocker hosts a show with 2 other people. And on this program they always have 3 topics that they discuss throughout, and no subject is too risque.

On this particular night N.S. (the rock star) was listing off the night's topics one being sex while on your period. During this chat N.S. states that if a woman is not willing to have sex with him while she is menstruating, he wants nothing to do with her. She is out of there. I like that thought, as it's only a natural thing in life.

So this got me thinking. My life, as well as others, and sex while "mooning." For me it hasn't been such a big deal, nor deal breaker for that matter. It's not a 1st date action for me, goes with anal sex, save it for a 4th date or later. But not a huge problem. To some people they won't even touch the subject, let alone actually do this. I think if you have barriers, fuck in the shower maybe, use a towel.... what's the big deal. It's just a lil blood, which can happen from getting fucked to hard or torn, not much difference. But there are those out there, men and womyn, that get rather grossed out by it.

Personally I have taken care of the grossness of it. As a slave, I was taught and trained to be accessible at all times, including while mooning. So many years ago I discovered this lil thing called a "Latex Free Make-up Pad," and what a wonder it has been. Not only does it replace tampons, it works great for sex as well. Yes folks, you can fuck while this is in the woman, and not worry about the blood.

For me this worked great for many reasons. First off tampons irritated the hell out of me and my phoopher, so with this no dryness nor particles left behind. No chemicals that have treated it, as it hasn't been bleached like a tampon. The thing lasts for hours as it absorbs so much, and after a quick rinse back in it goes (for those womyn out there that think they can't take something out of their pussy and rinse it, get to know your bodies better..... trust me this is nothing, and worth knowing what you feel like inside). You go through less, as you only need a new one at least once a day.... $$ saved. And well, I can get fucked with it in with next to no discomfort for either party. I've been told that "They" barely feel it when they are fucking me, just makes my cunt a lil less deep.

So in the end there really shouldn't be a problem right......? Not only am I accessible at all times without worrying of disposing of a tampon prior to sex, I've found a safer alternative to the tampon. Womyn are at their height of arousal while moonin, take advantage of it.

Have sex while menstruating people!!! It's natural, and just plain wonderful and nummy!!!

Lil D

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