Thursday, September 25, 2008

What part doesn't hurt?

Finally made it to the pool on this last monday. wow.

Thinking to myself as i am walking to the pool in my neighborhood 'it is about time.' It had been far too long that i had been in the water it seemed, and needed that tranquility..... especially after the day before. There a few things weighing on my mind, and many more taking over my mind yet again. In a way taking it over yet again, or rather a reversal of what i had worked so hard this last month or so to get by.Though as i am still feeling the affects today....... i do believe i pushed myself just a wee bit too hard. On tuesday my legs and arms were quite sore, even a muscles in my right side. And yesterday my thighs still haven't let up, or rather had gotten worse. So walking is a bit of a chore in some ways, and this is not good in my books. i had plans on going back to the pool yesterday........ ummmm, i didn't. i may be a pain slut, but not that much of one. i value my body, and don't want to hurt it a way that would harm it beyond repair again. But then, maybe pushing as hard as i did was a small form of hurting myself, but not so much. i swam about the same amount of hours (2 or so), and probably the same laps, but just harder and faster.... and probably did more of certain strokes than others. Someone stop me now.But i am still wondering what is hurting more this week... from last... my body or my jaw. The icecream companies are making a good buck from me these days. pfffffft.

Speaking of jaw.... i am thinking i might head off to jam on sunday. Not only missin the boys, missin singing as well, music in general. Doubt it very much i will get up and jam, as i am completely out of practice (and rather sore in the face). But it is always great to be with, and just listen in on, maybe make plans to get in on a practice for a change. Been far toooo long. Exercise that jaw. lol. Yes, in other ways than suckin boys/men.

Chores and wine to do this week into weekend..... but then i think i actually might get into some wood work, and leather work for something to do. i have a tad too much molec-bio in my head, and need to get my mind off of it. If anything, i definately will always make the perfectly pervy toys. i do have that lil sadist in me, and can always cum up with ways for us lil ones to be tortured. hehehehehehehehehehehe. shhhhhh. i have some wicked feathers here to work with as well, bought them a year ago and still haven't used them for anything yet.... bad me bad me.

Now that i got my lil mind on all of those wonderful subjective objects.... i'm craving pineapple. i do believe yoko and i will be feasting tonight, lucky bird. Just too bad that the weather is so ill fitting these days, the only walk-a-bout he is getting is in the house. i know he would rather go and check out the yard, and chit chat about what ever is in that lil brain of his about things out side. He is just too cute, and i know one day he will go for one of my earings..... hope it doesn't hurt too much.

Speaking of body is in such a state right now, that my last nipple piercing is pushing. Grrrrr. So unless i can get everything mended and level soon, i think i will be losing another one. pffffft. Not kewl. Of course that had to start after sunday, and that is the kick in the butt i don't need. This puts even a bigger pout on this face, really don't want to lose this one..... and over something that has to do with ...............body stress. Ya, that's it.:-/

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