Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Women & The Weekend

I'm catching up with myself.... I think.

I met some wonderful women this past weekend. There is so much I could say about so many of them, but I don't think there is enough room on here to keep going on and on..... But I would love to say that they all made an impression on me, and I will remember everyone of them for a very long time (if not for ever). I love women, always have and always will. It is not just the fact that they are women, as yes I am very much attracted to the female sex. Maybe even more so than the male, even though it seems it takes a man to Dom me..... But women have a softness to them. Their lips, their hips, their thighs and their eyes. Just being drawn to them is like a drug, and watching them just walking can get me going. Caressing the right woman can make me so happy, and when attracted to that one........... wow.
I had the perfectly filled weekend full of Women of all types. It wasn't just the fact that they were women that attracted me to those that I magnetite to, but it was their charisma and inner beauty that stuck out more than anything. Many of them came out of their shells this past weekend, which was just wonderful for many to see - not just to them in their lives. There is a piece of art when one sees someone enjoying them self with our worrying about what is going to be said, or caring who is going to see it. It brings out the real person from the inside, and then you meet the "who" that you are attracted to.... the one that makes that person tick. Some are stronger than others, but some just shine all that more, and some just relax around such a welcoming atmosphere. Now that is what attracts me, plus all those females. Nummy!

Now some people that know me would be wondering what is going on with me. Lil D is into men as well, why is she going to an all women's event. Yes, I love men as well. Men do find something inside of me that sometimes isn't always brought out by a woman, and can only be controlled by the male gender. Not sure why, but that is just how it is. My first sexual experiences were with women, and I still have those branded in my memory. Those experiences brought out something in me, and showed something about me that I don't think I would know now if it did not come into fruition. I wouldn't be who I am without those, and I would be repressed into a closet I am certain. My first experience with a man, well, is not as memorable as I would hope. I hate to say it, I don't recall it like I should. That is how great that was, and I don't ever want that repeated. No, it wasn't pervy in any way. It was rather plain jane, and nothing added to it to make it worth my while really. Nothing against all those guys out there, but sheesh.... really... come on now. At least you all could do is pretend your blind, feel your way around a girl.... that just might work. It is what you feel back that you get your reactions, not just a 'wam, bam, thank you mam' thingy. Gross. No thank you, I don't want that again... never. No more missionary for this girl, no more nilla again.
But what is kinky for one person... can actually be that other person's nilla. Has anyone ever thought of that one. Something to ponder maybe in that next thread, and maybe not bicker over who's dinky is bigger. But then fighting over drama, and who is right, and who can out who, and all that other friggen mess..... well, I am starting to guess that is the norm for the rest of the kink world. Hmmmmmm
Maybe that is why I have so much fun with the queer community. They tend to keep shit to themselves, less drama, and they don't take all that shit to community boards...... they deal with it in private. Of all the 200+ women I was around this past 4 days, I ran into barely anything for drama or bickering. Now that is something for the books. Something I think this area could take a lesson from. Even when a good half of them are "mooning", and some even have a lump on their shoulder. But all is kept away from this public life, why ruin someone else's playground..... keep it to yourself. Etiquette.

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