Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Almost Too Tired......

I had such a blast at Mayhem. I am so fucking tired from this last weekend, that I can barely move. Though I think I will blaim that all on the couple of hours of straight dancing on Sunday night, non stop. But I had a bucket full of motivation all over the place, and I am not talking the drinks either.... well not the liquid type. wink

For an all girl weekend there was only two guys there. hahahahahahaha. Both wonderful men, yes. But I was hoping we would have a chance to tie them up and beat them for their appearence at this event (of course at the end of it when it was all over pretty much), don't ya think? hmmmmm. Ok, maybe not.... too cute to beat. Donators as well, can't hurt them.

I am full of energy. I am so tired I will never catch up on my sleep. I am so sore I can't move. I am still on a buzz from whipping someone's ass all weekend. I am high from the energy I absorbed from all over. I have a sore face from the smile that I couldn't wipe off. And I am so fucking happy and filled with warmth from all the great people I met and met-up from days before. I couldn't ask for more..... cept another great weekend like that again.

I missed a few great women that were to be there.... you were greatly missed, and thought of by many. Huggers, we understand why you couldn't make it. Muah!

My pillow calls to me again. I think I will go to it, and rest some more...... Wooo hooooooo! Thank you Mayhem for the most wonderful time I have had in a year. Perfectly Pervy! Now to plan for the next pervy weekend event............................... hmmmmm and how to get there.

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