Sunday, May 17, 2009

What is in a joke......

Funny how some people are really. There are many that can take anything that you throw at them, joking in many ways that everyone gets and can handle.... and throw something right back at you. But then, every now and then, there is a time that same person can't take a simple sentence that is meant as no harm and take it all in the wrong way or throw all sorts of wrongness into it all over the place. Basically escelating everything right out of porportion, and adding to something that really isn't there. Then making everything look bad, and not putting into it what they shold have. Really.... as it was to be in the first place. But what makes this all so bad in the first place......... something was given to in the first place. So making it as that person can give it, but not take it situation.
Now that first given statement I had laughted off quite well. Went along with it, just as a joke and even made fun with it just as it was meant to be in the first place. Even came back with something to go with it, as it was all intended. Being called a Dyke after coming home from an all women's conferences is ok I guess, if it came from one sure..... but not from a straight woman. But it came in a humerous manner in a sense, and I went along with it. So when having the chance to go with a funny thread and throw something in and give a lil back, well I was screamed and sworn at. Even put on a stake like I had done the worst thing in the world, though it was all meant in jest. And all this person had to do was come back at me with something just as, and make it all on me. But hmmmm, I guess that can't go both ways. Too bad really, as it shows how it is to go with someone in my eyes. If you dish it, you better be able to take it. That is my theory. And when it comes to this lifestyle, there is a lot of dishing going on... and we all should be able to make lite of a lot of things...... especially if I get called things by someone who is not gay enough to get near that name. And in some circles, would be hung and tried for a word like that coming out of their mouth if not being one. Funny how that is really, why is that. That goes for ethnic people as well, even people of religion. It goes for this kind of naming all over the world, yet humor can't play a part in it when it is dished out. Gawd forbid you call a cop a pig or rotten baccon, one might get thrown in jail for verbal abuse. Or worse.

Yes, this has been worked out. But it is still sore on me in my own heart, as I never did anything wrong... just worded something the wrong way. And oooops, took something without saying something about it when maybe I should have.
I don't regret one bit spending my weekend with all those beautiful women of all sexual genders and types and choices. Woo hoo for them and myself, I had a most wonderful time. I look forward to the next time, and hope my experience is not only just as but better. *Look for next posting on how great it was*. But I should not be condemed for trying to go along with a threads common topic of choice, nor for trying to make a joke with someone. And maybe some people out there (not the person in question I might say pls) should take a look at themselves and just laugh and fuckin lighten up, as this life is not so friggen serious..... we are a bit to uptight these days. I have learned to, otherwise I would not have taken that name called so lightly.

Maybe I am becoming a Dyke... is that so bad... hell... they are great people... less drama.

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