Tuesday, July 22, 2008

i'm All Folked Up!!!!!

i'm all Folked Up still.
Though i am finally coming down from my weekend high from all that i did. This can be a good thing, as i was getting just a wee bit tired by the time yesterday evening rolled around. Though it was all worth it in the end, no matter who one feels. i may be still a lil tired (even though i couldn't sleep in today if my life depended on it), my body feels all the dancing that i did at the Festival (and it really isn't all that sore, it's just there from the DDD), i still want to just rock on and keep on dancing (i just can't stop dancing in a weird lil way, not sure why), and i have all these great songs stuck in my head from Michael Franti and Spearhead (whom i haven't heard in a while They used to play the van scene all the time, and were here last in 2003), talk about having a blast dancing and singing to them and not stopping for at least an hour near the end of the night..... wicked). Of course that was right after Beautiful Soul on another stage (before the main stage events) and Dubblestandart, and now that i think is what got all of us there going. Everyone was jumping and dancing and having such a great time, you could feel the vibe in the air. Their sax player could pull notes and play like i haven't heard in years, i almost peed my pants it was so good (i'm not kidding, cummin all the way damn near). The Reggae Hip hop Rockand Jamaican style all mixed up was wicked, but the only way i could best describe it was..... smooth - Juicy!!!!!! With that sax, juicy. Then we all (the rest of the crowd that was there of course, and there were a few hundred of us, if not a thousand by then) went to the main stage for the main events to end our eve, and we rocked with them and others... just wicked and tasty as well.
This year was even better than last year. That is hard to say, but it is the truth. Don't get me wrong, i truly enjoyed last year yes i did. But i walked away this year high on a kite, and i didn't need ganja for this one (but it certainly was a bonus). i love the Fest, i love the people there, there are many people there i know and can't wait to run into when i get there....people i haven't seen in years. But what i love most of all, besides the music, is the atmosphere. Not only can you just be and walk around being all peaceful with everyone, you don't have to worry about anyone there. Everyone trusts everyone, and everyone loves everyone (in the non biblical sense i mind you). We all enjoy each others company, we dance with each other, and we hang and eat with each other, we talk we sing, we jam, and we just have a great time being with each other. Taking the time not to worry about what is going on outside of that space, but wishing our friends and family that couldn't be there were with us. There is nothing like it, Folkin is one of the best things for the soul. It gives one hope, but it also replenishes. In more ways than one. So Spread the love, and please give peace a chance...... we could use a lil.

i can't wait till next year. i'll be Folded Up again!!!!!

a few pics to come soon.

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