Saturday, July 19, 2008

My Poor One Grey Eye.

My poor one grey eye.<br>
First off, let's start the story at the beginning. 

i needed new aqua contacts. This so i could go swimming at the new pool more often, and still see while doing so. The new pool out in my hood is a H2O/chlorine system, being that it uses the the H2O more then the chlorine to clean the water than the chlorine - thus i don't react to the water as much as the other pools. YeeeeHaw! Aqua contacts are great, as when they get the slightest bit of water in them the suction to your eyes. *insert suction noise here* They still let your eyes breath, and protect them better them most of the other ones out there do, but the best thing is.... you don't lose the lil suckers in the water when have a good dip. Talk about the best invention in the world, and i truly mean that one coming from a lifetime swimmer.
A couple weeks before i headed out of town i called up my eye doc's place to get in a sample pair for my new prescription. Make sure we have the right ones, right size, and right torque. i am not going to fork over the money for the six boxes if we have the wrong ones, and have to worry about what to do next. One of his lil workers says that they don't have those in stock, so she is going to order a pair in for me. No big deal, as it should be in before i leave. Going to the lake you know, and would love to be able to see there as well. (Old ones are a couple years old, and probably shouldn't wear them) The day before i am to leave i phone in to see if they are there, as i have not received a call to say that they have arrived. i talk to one of the other workers there, and he says that they haven't arrived yet. Rather disappointed i was. but the next day my eye doc calls me up to say that he wasn't sure what the heck was going on here, but he actually had a set in the back the whole time. That they didn't need to order a pair in, they could have given them to me when i ordered them. Pfffffft. i am leaving town in 4 hours, wondering if i could make it or not. Still have to shower, pack a couple things, and see if i can get into vancouver and back in time to go to the depot. Hmmmmmm. Not sure. So he checks to see if one of their other offices has a set there, one near by. They do, but it is still going to take almost an hour to get there. Not much of a shave off from the original trip. Grrrr. No new contacts for trip.
Good thing though.
i get my contacts on Sunday this last week in my lil tanned hands. Wooooo Hooooo! With them my eye doc gives me a bottle of solution specifically made for them, and a antibacterial case for them... what ever for the case. i get them home, and follow the instructions to the tee on the box as to how to treat them before i even put them in my eyes. Then on monday i want to put them in so i can use them for a few days, as they are going to be used for what they are there for. Finally my new aquas are going to be used, and it is about time. Right.
i put in the right eye first, as i would always do. This being my one grey eye (at all times). Within a 2 second period my poor grey eye was burning, and boy did it hurt. i could get that contact out fast enough, without ripping it of course. Now wondering what the f*ck, i followed everything right, and the solution is an all in one.... so this is weird. Rinse the bugger off and try again, big mistake. Burning all over again, and the same eye. How stupid of me, i'm not going have a grey eye left at this rate. Perplexed, not knowing what to do, and my eye doc is closed.
i rinse the poo out of my contacts with saline solution that i had left over. Must have used up the last of the bottle, as it is pretty empty by the feel of it and it was close to have full. i used an old case to do this, not sure if it had to do with this new case type either and i am not taking any chances here. After rinsing them for a while, making sure all the new solution is off of them, i think i am going to try this again. i try my old solution with them this time, in the hopes that this will work. Guess what, it worked. They went in fine, with no burning at all (except for the lil bit of pain that was left over from the initial try with the new solution). Now i am just hoping that i didn't do any damage to my poor lil one grey eye, i would be pissed if there was. But there was nothing i could do about it that day, not unless i went into emergency, and i wasn't about to do that.
i get to take my new contacts out for a spin at a lake this past week. Go for a dip in the water, get just a smidgen of water in each eye, not even what a normal amount as i would with my older ones. And they suctioned to my eyes like glue and never moved, i didn't even have to adjust them an ounce. Talk about elation and joy for me, and the clarity was wonderful. This made me extremely happy after all that i went through in the beginning, and subsequently afterwards. Yeeee Haw!
Then i phone my eye docs place yesterday after i get back to tell them what happened. The dude i talked to tells me to come in with everything, contacts and all. And they are going to try another solution with me while i am in the office, so they know that this isn't going to happen again. Ya! Good idea. I get there and lo and behold there is my eye doc, who is tending to someone. i wait till he is done... or try to. The lil lady asks me what i need, so i tell her what happened. Then we all go and talk to the doc, and he even looks perplexed as well. They think it might be the preservative in the solution, but are unsure. He takes a quick lookyloo at my eye right there, no damage. Phew. He goes into the back and comes out with another set of contacts, hands them  to me, and doesn't take the old ones back. Hmmmm. Gets a different solution, one i have used before, but a new version that will work with what i have going. Asks me if i have a saline left over, and i said no. So he said to go and pick up a bottle of it, then rinse the poo out of the first set of contacts that he gave me. In other words, i am too keep them and try to use them, in the hopes that they weren't damaged. Hands me the second set (brand new now), and that was that. Makes sure i was ok with everything, and sends me on my way. Though the second set has a different 3rd number on them, so i am thinking he is seeing which ones fit best for me. Perfect idea in my books.
i walked down the street to the lil pharmacy in a medical building. They didn't have just saline solution for contact, so i picked up eye wash. Same thing, i didn't want to take the time to make my own. Today i rinsed the poo out of the 1st set, and they are sitting (i hope happily) in a tube case off to the side for future use. And then i put the 2nd set in with the new solution, and no burning. OMG, Yessssssssssssssssssss. They fit a lil differently, but i will know better when i take them swimming. They will then make a formation to my eyes, and will fit proper after that.

My poor one grey eye is still not totally right. Though both eyes were so dry yesterday, it wasn't funny. And nothing worked. So far as i can tell, the grey is still grey. i hope it stays.
The moral of this story............ check the labels and get to know your allergies and the ingredients on solutions. Especially the 'new' ones coming out replacing the old ones.

Augen nicht ebenso trocken, wie sie, Bonus waren. 
Hoffen Sie neue Augenarbeit.

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