Sunday, July 13, 2008

Signatures - Thank You Sir, may i have another?

There are different kinds of signatures that one can receive from a Top. What i have is beautiful bruises, bruises that have stuck around for a lil while.
What is it about signatures though? Is it a need that They have to do? Is it a want? Or is it just something for them to do? Marking Their territory, saying this in Mine, and I was here. Or maybe just a reminder not only for Them to see later, but also for the bottom as well to see that They were there as well. This isn't just your regular bruising here that comes with a play session that has gotten a lil hard in certain places, this the Top/Saddist actually leaving Their mark on purpose. They could use a pen, i know a few that do. Using certain words for their bottoms, calling them names of what they are, or how well they have been. Not a bad way to sign, not for me though.
When i think back to these signatures that i have on me now...... Not only do i think Nummy, but i think of the whole play session and how it transpired. Before W/we even played that evening He had warned me that He was going to mark me, and where he was going to mark me. His favourite spots to mark His girls, and why in a round-about way. And during O/our play, one could tell that He was thoroughly enjoying Himself with His work. Of course i was enjoying myself as well, Not to knock what was going on. But it is always a curriosity of what is going on in Their brain sometimes when this is all going on, even though i have Topped several times (just not in a manner to mark in such a way).
In that same evening Sir even noticed afterwards that these marks were already there. This is something that wasn't going to wait till the next day to show up, no. He had enough fun signing me that they were already inking and rising to the top of my skin within the time span it took to cool down from the play. Not long when i think of it all, but then i really wasn't all there. i will have to ask about this one, not sure if He will tell me though. lol. He also took a wonderful delight in taking pictures right away, and of course the next day. Now by the next day, you can only imagine what they looked like then.
His signatures are on my inner thighs. This where Sir likes to sign, His favourite spot. Though He did not leave my bumm out of the picture, but my thighs were where He truly enjoyed Himself. Nasty, mean, devious, Saddistic, wonderful...... Nummy. Of course He now has a slew of pictures of His marks, i wouldn't deny Him this. And even after He took picks the next couple days afterwards, they have even gotten darker. And He even added the remark a few days later.... hoping that they remain a lil longer than usual. Made me think on this a bit, but i can understand why. To make me think on it. Who i am, who i am to Him, what i am, what i am to Him. His. His toy. And after all is said and done after the play is over, His service, His wench.

i thank Sir for His signature. It means a lot to me that He has done these, even though they go away eventually.... and by the time i see Him again, they will have faded quite a bit. i haven't got to the pool because of these, as they were quite visable. But they are now going down, and will be gone soon. And then some day, he will put His signature back again. Why? To say He was there. To make me think. Who is He. Who am i.

Thank You Sir.
May i have another?

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