Sunday, July 27, 2008

How Funny Life Can Be

It's funny how life rolls along some times. Just when things seem to be going just right, life throws you a curve ball or two and it all goes haywire. Then you don't know which way is up, or which way to turn. The worst part could be if you don't really know what is all going on around you; and if you don't know that, you truly have some serious pondering to do. Where did this all begin, and where do you think you want this to go.... and best of all - where do you think or rather want this to end up.

Early last week footboy mysteriously turned up again after well over a year being MIA. This in a rather weird way put a bump in the road, but then made me ponder a few things as well. It also made me look back on a few things and take inventory on a few things in my life, but it also made me look back on a few things in my life that used to be. As this was all going on i was thinking to myself OMG, what is going on in my life right now.... where do i want to go? What do i need? Where do i really want things to go and where? Yes, a lot of thoughts ran through my head at once, and it was a mess at first. But to top that off with a lil cherry - i was also in the middle of going over the whole "where the heck were you footboy, and why the frig didn't you call or pass on a note?" Never make anyone worry like that, doesn't matter who it is, people do care. We are dealing with that now. That will be updated at a later date, when 'fb' has had time to reflect over things. But i am not sure if this is what i want now in my life at this time, not where i am going. i just jumped on this path in the last lil while, and i haven't even gotten a good stride on it yet... let alone part way down the walk. So i am slightly indifferent as to what i am going to do, and where this is going. But i am certain that i am going to pass on fb to someone, as i do think that would be best. Let him pay off his purgatory, and go from there.

For the rest of me now. i am still my lil 'ol me. Just not certain of the path, as for some reason it is getting rained on by something. i don't know if this rain is going to stop or not, but i do know for sure that i have to wonder if i want to get out that umbrella or not and dry off. And if i do that, i don't think i will ever put it away again. i am getting pretty tired of getting wet in the rain, it is getting a lil much. Especially when it ruins my hair, and everyone knows how much time i spend on my hair. So until i hear from the weather man that it is going to be a sunny day down the road soon, i am just going to stay inside and do things that i have put off for a while now. And i can only do that for so long, as this brain can rest only for a bit then it has to do something...... going to have to find something to do at some point. Especially if i am to keep any of my proverbial squashed mentality, and try to straighten out again. And if my hair does get wet like i think it is (but really pray and hope it doesn't), i am going to get a hair cut. That way i don't have to worry about drying it anymore.

Life has a funny way of throwing things at you when you think it is just going your way. Finally i think it is just right, and maybe i might actually have some happiness in my life. i do have happiness, just not where i would always like it. i have and always will be that person that is always annoyingly happy most of the time, but there is those time that i am off in another world wondering..... what if.

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