Saturday, October 17, 2009

Perfectly Pervy Precepts For Another Day.... Maybe

I was thinking a few things in the last couple of weeks. Not just what I was wanting, but what I was missing. Of course lately I had been needing certain things in my life, and one being needles. And that I was approaching someone to fulfill that for me. But then I have had something completely change that.

I got to thinking about all the great pervy parties that were about to come up soon. And then I got to think about whom I was going to be playing with, woo hoo. But then I also got to thinking about a few other subjects as well, and that probably should have been left at the back of my head. Really. And then today solidified it all. Honestly what have I been doing lately besides trying to mend a friendship with an ex slave, and hoping that we could just keep something going. As he had put it a while back... casual. Though there was no way I would play with him casually, it would be one way or no way with me. I am not that kind of person to do so, and I am sure he had figured that out. But certain things had come out of their mouth lately that had pissed me off, and it made me say and do things that I am sure mad them mad as well. But their actions have been uncalled for, sadly they don't see it.

Now I am no saint. I have never said I was, and never will profess to be one. I have my faults, and I am actually happy to have some. But when it comes to your own actions, pls recognize them when they are pointed out to you. Don't think that you are just being attacked, and that all the blame is just being posted onto you, it's not. But remember that it does take two to tango, and I just don't mean in sex either.

But in a sad way this has led me to truly think about my role here in this lifestyle. Am I who I really am. I have been walked over lately, and made to jump to for someone who is lower than me. So it has made me think I am not who I am, and I don't feel right. I haven't for weeks now, and I want to turn and run. Of course this doesn't help that I am so severely ill right now, and should be in VGH right now getting over this virus I have. And it doesn't help that I still am not getting over this flare, as it just seems to be getting worse. And to me it seems people are playing off of that, take advantage in a way if they know how to. And nothing else seems to be going in the right direction, including when a brother dies I can't go running right away to deal with things. Not right, not in my books.
So if I don't feel like me... who am I.

I've decided that maybe I shouldn't be nothing. I should just leave this lifestyle all together, and just be. It doesn't seem to be the right place to be in right now, as I have been so hurt in the last few years. These people know I have been hurt, but yet they seem to love hurting me even more. I am wondering if they are getting off on it, hurt her some more and see if she blows this time. Get in with her, make her really want you need you, love beating you, maybe even love you.... and then leave her. Yes, that is the way to do it. Hurt her good, as she is that type of girl ya know. But this girl can only take so much, and I have had my limit. Done done done.

So see ya.
I think I have done it. Or rather you have all done it for me. My chapter is done here, and I could give a shit when I start a new one up. I can thank a few people for this, but why mention names. I am sadly living with one right now, and one decided after grabbing my heart that he didn't want my hand on his throat any more. And of course there were all the ones prior. But why look back further. I am done.

So good luck to you all. I wish you all the best. Hope that you find something out of this all that I didn't, and maybe I will see you somewhere done the road. That is if I mend.

Does this do me any better than I was before? I am not sure, and I will not know until I actually walk down this path I am on. I don't think trying to leave this lifestyle is doing me any justice, as I have tried this experience before. And what I should do is reflect on what I have been doing, the negative ways I have taken up with these people in my life.... and change it. I have let these people drain me, take over what was best in me. And I have to stop it as of now. If I don't, there will be nothing left. I have let too many walk over me, and use me. This is no more, and they can walk their own plank thank you very much.
If these people think that they are going to get the better of me..... look to someone else. I have decided to find the positive place and person I used to be, and go in that direction again. If say that last boy I had in my life wants back, there has to be changed in his life.... not mine any more. I am looking to a new light, and a new way..... and everyone else can find that map. No more are they taking me into that negative space, no more are they walking over me. No more. Now.

For now I heal. For now I am me. For now I do what I need, just to gain what it is is me, and what makes me whole. And to heck with what other may think or perceive. I am walking my path, and that is what counts.

Ta for now.
Pervy precepts for another day.

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