Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Sweet Balls of Fire

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After being so down and sad not only losing a brother, but not being able to go up for everything really stung. So today I have a different feeling going on.

I still am sad over it all. But to say the least I am in a blissful mood, and can enjoy what this past weekend and today has brought me in replacement. Not only did I get to watch some fabulous entertainment; I ran into people I hadn't seen in a while, and met many I have always wanted to and admired. Which included the famous Betty Desires, and spending the whole even with this crowned Queen of Bellingham was an honour and so much fun. She does so much down south, including running her own paper, and is the official greeter at ITW, and has done so much more over the years that I could sit here and list for an hour. Truly an amzing person to not only know, but to look up to in the leather community, and the gay/drag community. May hats off to her. I can't wait to spend some more time, and collaberate in the future.

Now for the stepping down Mr n Mrs Gay Vancouver... Congrats. You both had a most wonderful year, and deserve all the accalation that you receved and then some. You were beautiful all week, and shawn last night (and Brent way into this morning, lol). Jackie: you are fabulous! I love how you take a room, and comand all around. And when the water flows, that spakle still stays strong - just like you. Thank you for being you, your beautiful and I'm happy to know you.
Brent: you rock! Even til 5am. You stand tall when it's needed, and return those hugs just like a good friend always does. I'm happy to call you a friend, and look forward to future colaberations (plot, plan, conieve, shhhhh he's behind you). So caring, and still the man when needed. Yes, you are you.
Hugs to you both again. Thank you.

Of course now that we are supposed to be at the hotel right now helping with tear-down of the ball room from last nite. You Brent are visiting a friend briefly, and I wait to walk with you to plot and plan so more. And I'm sure there are a few people swearing at us for not being there right now, but that is what happens. It's for a good reason, and we can be fashionable for a change I think.
Slow down now for the week.

I don't think for now anything can top this week. I'm happy, though sad from other events, I'm happy. I think there was a reason for me not making it north, I will figure it all out soon enough.
Til then....
I will keep this inside. Hold on to what I have, and look forward to a more happy and possitive future.

I posted this today, though I wrote this on Sunday while waiting for the wonderful Brent to return back. so we could proceed to help with tear-down at the ball. Though we were slightly late, all was good. I loved the walk and talk, and that is what counted.
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