Sunday, September 21, 2008

Busy Times Need Down Times (where's the perv)

Finally after a very busy few weeks some down time.

The last several weeks seem like to have gone by like a freight train some days. There were some very busy days in there, and not enough just 'being' days in my liking. Lectures almost every week, classes, a few meetings, hunting, being there for good friends (to which i would do any time), life even got in the way somewhere, don't forget a few vampire days.... friggen vamps and docs, and even managed to get in a lil perv. woo hoo.What i didn't manage to get in the last couple of weeks (going on three now, omg) is the pool. Pfffft. There was just not enough time in the day for it, or not enough days in the week..... what ever fits in there better. Maybe i am getting punished for not being pervy enough, though i did get my perv on a few times. i even managed to get sauced a couple of times as well, omg don't mix wine and beer (very slow the next day). This coming from a whiskey girl, gotta love that whiskey.

So now from being too busy and on the go... especially in the last week.... i get to miss a few things in the next couple of days. Now that blows!!!! Missed a great party last night, because i was partying on saturday.... and a few other things were fit in during the day - and i probably shouldn't have. And yesterday was running around booing at houses, all over the place it seemed like, but just too much walkin up hills and what nots i ponder...... just not enough pervin in my books. Now if i was tired from pervin out this weekend, then it would have been worth it to miss the play party last night. Even though i did get my groove and perv on a few days ago (chapter 3 or 4), still trying to keep my body in the kilter from the off kilter it was left in not that long ago. That still doesn't make up for the wonderful pervin and playin that happens at a full on play party, even if it was at a private play party. Then i think about what it is going to be like when it isn't just several lectures a month and a few classes and/or conferences, and i am back full time..... what am i going to do them???? omg:-/

Now that this week is almost over i can look forward to a almost day of rest today. Have some study to do (ok, tons), meet someone later on, maybe get in a swim if i am into it, and get to emails that i have left aside for the whole week it seems. Sorry to those whom i have not gotten back to yet, been busy lil girl here.Think about what is coming ( or rather cumming ) up in the next week. hehehehehehehe. There is a few things i am truly looking forward to, some a tad more than others. Munch if i get back from day trip soon enough, consult, and yes..... hehehehehe... pervy things am most positive. Not only do i enjoy this, but of course it is a necessity. And then, if all goes well, some great times with some most wonderful friends. you know who you are...... i do believe one is in the middle of trying to quite a bad habbit, and i support them all the way. Huggers. Oh yes, get in swims, omg some swims. i feel so at peace in the water, i need to swim.

If i am not getting a whip kissing my lil bottom, i need to get in that water. Just Be.

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